Lisa McNicol

Docker SF Meetup #47; Docker 1.12, Docker for Mac and Tugbot

Lisa McNicol

On Wednesday members of the Docker SF Meetup community joined us at Docker HQ for our 47th Docker meetup in San Francisco! It was a great evening with talks and demos from Docker’s own Ben Bonnefoy, Nishant Totla, as well as Neil Gehani from HPE.

Ben Bonnefoy is currently working on Docker for Mac and Docker for Windows, which were released in beta in March. At the meetup, he gave an insight into the new features as well as the open source components used under the hood namely:

  • HyperKit ™: A lightweight virtualization toolkit on OSX
  • DataKit ™: A modern pipeline framework for distributed components
  • VPNKit ™: A library toolkit for embedding virtual networking


In case you missed it, Docker 1.12 was made generally available on July 28! Nishant Totla, who works on the core open source team and is currently working on Docker Swarm, spoke after Ben and gave attendees all the latest updates on Docker 1.12. Take a look at his slides on the new features below.


The third talk and final talk of the evening was by a guest speaker, Neil Gehani, from HPE. Neil’s talk was on ‘Tugbot’, an in-cluster container testing framework. To find out more, view Neil’s slides below.


For those of you who would like to watch the talks and see the demos in full, we also recorded the meetup so feel free to watch and share!


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