Jenny Burcio

Your Docker Agenda for LinuxCon North America

Jenny Burcio

Hey Dockers! We’re excited to be back at LinuxCon this year in Toronto and hope you are, too! We’ve a got a round-up of many of our awesome Docker speakers, as well as a booth. Come visit us in between the sessions at booth #41 inside “The Hub”. You may even be able to score yourself some Docker swag.




11:45am – Curious about the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, Open Container Initiative, Cloud Foundry Foundation and their role in the cloud ecosystem? Docker’s Stephen Walli joins other panelists to deliver So CFF, CNCF, and OCI Walk into a Room (or ‘Demystifying the Confusion: CFF, CNCF, OCI).

3:00pm – Docker Captain Phil Estes will describe and demonstrate the use of the new schema format’s capabilities for multiple platform-specific image references in his More than x86_64: Docker Images for Multi-Platform session.

4:20 pm – Join Docker’s Mike Coleman for Containers, Physical, and virtual, Oh My! insight on what points businesses need to consider as they decide how and where to run their Docker containers.



2:00pm – Docker Captain Phil Estes is back with Runc: The Little (Container) Engine that Could where he will 1) give an overview of runc, 2) explain how to take existing Docker Containers and migrate them to runc bundles and 3) demonstrate how modern container isolation features can be exploited via runc container configuration.

2:00pm – Docker’s Amir Chaudhry will explain Unikernels: When you Should and When you Shouldn’t to help you weigh the pros and cons of using unikernels and help you decide when when it may be appropriate to consider a library OS for your next project.



10:55am – Mike Goelzer and Victor Vieux rom Docker’s Core team will walk the audience through the new orchestration features added to Docker this summer: secure clustering, declarative service specification, load balancing, service discovery and more in their session From 1 to N Docker Hosts: Getting Started with Docker Clustering.

11:55am – Kendrick Coleman, Docker Captain will talk about Highly Available & Distributed Containers. Learn how to deploy stateless and stateful services all completely load balanced in a Docker 1.12 swarm cluster

2:15pm – Docker’s Paul Novarese will dive into User namespace and Seccomp support in Docker Engine, covering new features that respectively allow users to run Containers as without elevated privileges and provide a method of containment for containers.

4:35pm – Docker’s Riyaz Faizullabhoy will deliver When The Going Gets Tough, Get TUF Going!
The Update Framework (TUF) helps developers secure new or existing software update systems. Join Docker’s Riyaz Faizullabhoy’s When The Going Gets Tough, Get TUF Going! to learn the attacks that TUF protects against and how it actually does so in a usable manner.



9:00am – In this all day tutorial, Jerome Petazzoni will teach attendees how to Orchestrate Containers in Production at Scale with Docker Swarm.

In addition to our Docker talks, we have two amazing Docker Toronto meetups lined up just for you. Check them out:

On August 23rd, we’re joining together with Toronto NATS Cloud Native and IoT Group at Lighthouse Labs to feature Diogo Monteiro on “Implementing Microservices with NATS” and our own Riyaz Faizullabhoy on “Docker Security and the Update Framework (TUF)”.

Come August 24th we’ll be at the Mozilla Community Space. Gou Rao, CTO and co-founder of Portworx will be touching on “Radically Simple Storage for Docker”, while Drew Erny from Docker will discuss “High Availability using Docker Swarm”.

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