Ana Villani

DockerCon 2016 Videos: Use Case Track

Ana Villani

The Use Case track at DockerCon 2016 covered practical applications of Docker. Speakers shared their experiences implementing Docker with technical details and advice on implementation.

Watch all of the awesome talks (and check out the slides) from the Use Case Track at DockerCon 2016 below!


Learning the Alphabet: A/B, CD and [E-Z] in the Docker Datacenter by Brett Timperman, Kroger Technology


Using the SDACK Architecture on Security Event Inspection by Evans Ye, Trend Micro and Yu-Lun Chen, Trend Micro


Thinking Inside the Container: A Continuous Delivery Story by Maxfield Stewart, Riot Games


Use Docker to Deliver Cognitive Services Running Cross Platform and Multi Cloud Environments by Susan Diamond, IBM


Docker in Production, Look No Hands! by Docker Captain Scott Coulton, HealthDirect


Build Fast, Deploy Fast: Innovating in the Enterprise by Andy Lim and Imran Raja, GE


Overseeing Ship’s Surveys and Surveyors Globally Using IoT and Docker by Jay Blanchard, Fugro Chance, Inc and Aater Suleman, Flux 7


Securing the Container Pipeline at Salesforce by Cem Gürkök, Salesforce


Fully Orchestrating Applications, Microservices and Enterprise Services with Docker at Société Générale by Cedric Coroir, Société Générale and Alex Drahon, Docker

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