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DockerCon 2016 Organizer Summit recap

Karen Bajza

A huge part of Docker’s success can be attributed to the hard work and dedication of the 400+ Docker meetup organizers in 73 countries who collectively support a global community of over 115,000 members. Local Docker meetups help keep the community engaged and updated on all things Docker. With over 250 groups and counting, we are continuously humbled by the dedication and time these individuals take to organize events and all that they do for their local communities.


At DockerCon 2016, I had the pleasure of facilitating the Docker Organizer Summit, 35 organizers from New Zealand to Tokyo, and Saudi Arabia to Mexico, came together to share best practices with each other and to tell us how we can better support them.

A major theme discussed was the challenge of finding speakers. While organizers and captains enjoy presenting, we’re always looking for people in the community who are willing to give a talk. Interested in speaking at a local Docker meet up? Click here to join the Docker community and submit your Docker stories. We’d love to hear from you!

Docker Captain and Boston organizer Jonas Rosland, gave a presentation on keeping meetup attendees interested, and Women Who Code Seattle Director Sandra Persing , gave a presentation on how to be more inclusive in community events. Check out her blog and presentation here.


On our follow-up call for the organizers who weren’t able to attend the summit in person, Docker Bamberg organizer Mathias Renner, presented how he successfully built his local Docker community. View the recording here.

Thank you to all the organizers who take time out of their busy schedules to organize meetups and to grow the community, to all the organizers who were able to attend the summit, and to those who were able to attend the recap call. The feedback we received is invaluable as we continue to support the Docker Meetup Organizers, and as we move forward with planning global campaigns like the Docker Birthday and the Global Hack Day.

Interested in attending future Docker meetups and events? Check out this map to see if a Docker user group exists in your city or take a look at the list of upcoming Docker events.

Can’t find a group near you? Maybe it’s time to start one in your community today! Check out this page to learn more about next steps, best practices and benefits. You can also check out our Docker Meetup Guide and this list of tips to organize the best tech meet ups by Johann Romefort, the Docker Munich meetup organizer.

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