Victor Coisne

DockerCon 2016: Part 2 of Top 10 Videos

Victor Coisne

We received lots of positive feedback from DockerCon 2016 attendees on the content presented at the conference!

“Best keynote I’ve seen in a long time” 
“The talk challenged some ideas I had – which is exactly what I would hope for” 
“Too many awesome talks at DockerCon – it was so hard to choose!” 

DockerCon 2016 attendees voted for their favorite sessions from the conference through the mobile app, powered by Docker. Yesterday, we published five of the top ten talks and today, we are happy to share the next five! Below are the recorded videos along with slides from those sessions at DockerCon 2016 sessions.


runC: The little engine that could (run Docker containers) by Docker Captain Phil Estes, IBM


Sharding Containers: Make Go Apps Computer-Friendly Again by Andrey Sibiryov


Getting Deep on Orchestration: APIs, Actors, and Abstractions in a Distributed System by Docker Captain Jeff Nickoloff, All In Geek


Docker for Ops: Extending Docker with APIs, Drivers and Plugins by Arnaud Porterie and Anusha Ragunathan


Microservices + Events + Docker = Perfect Trio by Docker Captain Chris Richardson

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