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Docker for the Enterprise with Docker Datacenter

Betty Junod

Businesses today are digital and fundamentally powered by applications – software that drives revenue, engages with customers and runs their operations. The process of making that software has, until recently, been long and cumbersome.  The addition of Docker and containerization, a new software supply chain is enabled to bring agility, portability and control together into the enterprise.  From security and compliance to shipping more software faster to migrating workloads around sites for the best cost to performance ratio, Docker Datacenter is helping businesses transform their software supply chain.

At DockerCon in Seattle, business of all sizes are sharing their stories Dockering for transformation in development, CI and production environments for all kinds of apps.  In this post, I wanted to highlight those companies who are using Docker Datacenter.


HealthDirect Australia: Docker in Production, Look No Hands!

Healthdirect Australia was a long time open source Docker user who in the last year transitioned to a Docker Datacenter environment to gain the benefit of having out of the box integrations of a full Docker supported stack.  Scott Coulton, the lead architect (and also Docker Captain and DockerCon speaker!) is the driving force behind deploying and running the applications in Docker in production. He’s also written a Puppet module for deploying Swarm — and he’s already running Docker 1.12 (so find him and ask him all your questions).  His breakout session was on Monday – but don’t worry if you’ve missed it because it was recorded and we’ll post online soon.


Kroger Digital: Learning the Alphabet: A/B, CD and [E-Z] in the Docker Datacenter

What is the right balance between moving fast, innovating, experimenting with new technology, and protecting the personal data of our customers and interests of our stakeholders? How can we safely try new ideas in production without risking costly downtime? Does the utopia where developers are free from lock-in and operators enjoy the calm of a steadily running system exist in the real world? Is it possible to have open platforms with better security? At Kroger Digital we are still working through these questions every day but are redesigning our systems with the goals of true operational maturity and security. Discover how we are building capabilities for monitoring, A/B testing, and continuous delivery with Docker Datacenter, plugins, and open source building blocks such as NGiNX, ElasticSearch, and more.  Brett Timperman’s breakout session was on Monday of DockerCon – so hang tight and we’ll post the recording online soon.


GE Digital talks about how to innovate fast in the enterprise

Don’t miss this great talk by Andy Lim and Imran Raja from GE Digital’s Cloud Engineering team. They are tackling the challenge of building an application platform that has the power to transform the over 9,000 applications across all of GE.  In their talk, they will discuss how they are architecting this platform with Docker Datacenter, the integrations and custom tooling they’ve added and most importantly, how they are approaching the very different business unit application teams with this platform.  From migrating legacy datacenters and application workloads to multi-cloud microservices, this session features them all. Catch Andy, Imran and the rest of the GE crew at DockerCon to ask them questions and share experiences!

The session will be held on Tuesday at 11:15 am (right after the keynote) in Ballroom 6B


Docker Datacenter for Banking: Fully Orchestrating Applications, Microservices and Enterprise Services with Docker at Société Générale

Cedric Coroir, Senior Technical Architect at Société Générale, will share with you the vision at Société Générale to transform their platform for the future.  He will discuss the approach, design and technical architecture of how they plan to implement Docker Datacenter for their CaaS and all the processes, services and topologies that have been implemented and integrated to Docker to deliver their new modern application platform.   If your company is in the banking and finance industry, connect with Cedric to share challenges and tips.

This session will be held on Tuesday June 21, 2016 3:55pm – 4:40pm in Ballroom 6B


The DockerCon mobile App

Powered by DoubleDutch, the DockerCon mobile app is built on Docker. Having started with open source Docker in late 2014, the team was looking to build out new on-premises infrastructure to ensure compliance around how they store data. From those beginnings to deploying Docker Datacenter to make secure DevOps easy – the DoubleDutch team is modernizing the rest of their application portfolio and building  new ones with Docker.  We are excited to be able to provide useful tools for the DoubleDutch engineering team and vice versa!  If you see any of the DoubleDutch team roaming around – post a #DockerSelfie in app!

From startups to the largest enterprise, Docker Datacenter provides a secure, integrated and supported platform to building business critical applications. Sign up for a free 30 day trial and share your story with us. For more information, watch this video on Docker Datacenter architecture and these demo videos on .


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