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Congrats to the Winners of the DockerCon Diversity Scholarship!

The DockerCon team is excited to announce the recipients of our inaugural DockerCon Diversity Scholarship Program! The DockerCon Diversity Scholarship aims to provide support and guidance to members of the Docker Community who are traditionally underrepresented through mentorship and a scholarship to attend DockerCon.

This year’s recipients demonstrated their enthusiasm to learn about Docker by participating and completing the Docker 3rd Birthday App Tutorial. Their excitement and eagerness to connect with the Docker community stood them out amongst the many highly qualified applications we received.

Congratulations to the DockerCon Scholarship Class of 2016! Now, in each of their own words, let’s meet the class:

Nyah Check

Student at the University of Buea, Cameroon

I am Nyah Check, a student at the University of Buea. I am the founder of the Docker Buea Meetup group and was the Google Student Ambassador and GDG Lead in the Google Developer Groups of Cameroon. I have participated in Google Summer of Code three times.

My open source contributions can be found on my GitHub account: github.com/Ch3ck. I have also reported an issue for Docker, which has now been fixed and will be in the next release. I am excited to attend DockerCon 2016 and learn more about Datakit, VPNkit and Hyperkit!

Feel free to ping me on Twitter at @nyah_check!

Cecile Leung

Student at the University of British Columbia, Canada

I’m completing my final term in a Bachelor of Computer Science degree at the University of British Columbia. I’d entered the program with an interest in scientific computing. After my first internship in the Co-op program, I decided that automation is really useful and fun work. After further coursework and my most recent internship, I could see how automation could be combined with large scale scientific computing.

My school has a mentorship program for computer science students. Growing up in a family where money was always a concern, I’ve experienced how one barrier can cascade into many issues, so my aim is to help and encourage junior students through their own challenges. I also volunteered with the department’s TechTrek program which introduces high school students to a variety of interesting problems and people in the computing world.

Outside of tech, I like to dance, lift weights, and pretend that I commute everywhere on my bike.

I’m looking forward to meeting other users and learning from experts at DockerCon. It’ll be great to find new contexts for Docker and to learn how to use it in a more powerful way!

Lorien Smyer

Junior Web Developer from San Francisco, U.S.

I was a bookkeeper for many years, and enjoyed keeping accurate, well-organized financial records. Then, about twenty years ago, my bookkeeping clients and then boyfriend (now husband) got computers, and I became obsessed with “under the hood” computer tinkering. I installed memory, GPUs, and hard drives, updated and trouble-shot software, flash updated BIOS, and loved all of it (and, fortunately, was also good at it).

As years went by, I started taking computer science and web design and development classes at my local community college, and was never happier than when I was learning new concepts and building web applications.

Recently, I decided to make the switch completely from “bookkeeper with IT skills” to web developer. In preparation for that career switch, I attended the six-month, 70 hour per week Galvanize Full Stack Web Development program in San Francisco.

I am very happy to be attending DockerCon 2016 on a Diversity Scholarship. As a new developer and a career-switcher, learning more about Docker will enhance my skill set, and complement my web development skills. I also love to talk code with other developers!

Berenice Veneers Cotero

DevOps Engineer from Philadelphia, U.S.

Former gymnast and ballet dancer. Watercolor painter and raku ceramist. Enthusiast of mountain hiking and contemplating rocky beaches. Poetry and art lover. Physicist, passing through astrophysics and diving into membrane biophysics, nanotechnology and biomedical research.

A researcher at the core and unsatisfied of not having an intellectual challenge, I fixated my sight into the DevOps path. Creatively finding tie to study on my 1hr+ daily train commute to work and hiding myself on a basement with WiFi access, I manage to learn AWS, terraform, unit testing and more. Finally able to obtain my AWS certification and landing into the realm of Docker.

It has been an exhilarating and interesting trip! I am eager to find out what else there is to learn and can’t wait to finally land into a real job again. All these was only possible with the support of family and friends along the way and the invaluable guidance of my knowledgeable mentor, friend and lover: Roman. Thanks to them all and DockerCon 2016 for this opportunity!

Daniel Daza

Web Developer from Chicago, IL

My love for computers and video games started from an early age in my native Ecuador. I went on to pursue that passion at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where I studied computer engineering. I have lived in Chicago ever since, taking in as much as I can from its rapidly growing tech scene. I work as a web developer with a promising education-based startup, and tutor JavaScript and app development at a tech incubator and co-working space (Blue1647) that targets minorities and people of color to promote their success in the tech industry.

I am thrilled to be able to attend DockerCon 2016 because I believe that it is a platform that is here to stay, changing the way companies implement and develop their products. I want to learn as much as possible and in turn, teach my peers about Docker and bolster even more innovation between established and up-and-coming developers and entrepreneurs.


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Daniela Kronenberg

Congrats to the Winners of the DockerCon Diversity Scholarship!

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