Betty Junod

Video Whiteboard Series for Docker Universal Control Plane

Betty Junod

It’s been less than two months since Docker Universal Control Plane (UCP) became generally available as part of the Docker Datacenter (DDC) subscription. With DDC, organizations are able to set up a Containers as a Service (CaaS) application environment on-premises/VPC to support their security or compliance requirements. UCP provides the orchestration and management layer to this environment so IT teams can deploy and manage their Docker host cluster and apps securely at scale.

UCP makes it easy for IT teams to deploy and manage the nodes, cluster, apps, containers and users in a controlled environment. In this whiteboard video series featuring Vivek Saraswat, the product manager for UCP, you’ll get a breakdown of the UCP architecture.

You can view the entire the six video playlist here:

Each of the six videos breaks down different UCP related architecture and concepts.

  1. UCP Introduction: Get a high level overview and architecture of UCP with Swarm-based orchestration
  2. Installation: See how to install UCP and join nodes to your cluster with a few simple commands
  3. Out of the Box Security: See how UCP secures the environment with TLS and CAs
  4. High Availability: Get an architectural overview of how HA works with the UCP controllers
  5. Granular Access Control: See how to set up Role Based Access Control manually or integrate to LDAP/AD
  6. Trusted Registry Integration: See how UCP and DTR work together to provide a seamless workflow for app teams

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We hope you enjoyed the video series and that it has peaked your interest in giving Docker Universal Control Plane a try! To learn more about UCP, watch this demo webinar, read this white paper about Containers as a Service with Docker and sign up for a free 30-day trial.


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