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Video Tutorials to Prepare for the Docker Birthday #3 Training!

To help everyone get ready for the introductory training component of each training, Elton Stoneman created video tutorials on how to set up Docker on your machine.

Have you RSVP’d for one of the over 100 Docker Birthday #3 celebrations? Click here to join your local meetup’s Docker training for beginners!

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Below are the videos along with detailed instructions on how to prepare your work environment for the training.


Setting Up Docker on Mac


Setting Up Docker on Windows


Setting Up Docker on Ubuntu

Birthday App Training

During each celebration, there will be a self-paced beginners’ tutorial for attendees to learn the Docker basics as they build, ship and run a distributed applications with Docker Toolbox.


At the training, you will need to bring your own computer. Before you attend a birthday party training, please complete these steps to get your work environment ready:

    1. For Linux users, you need to install Docker engine.
      For PC and Mac users, you need to install Docker Toolbox for Mac and Windows and use Docker Machine to create a virtual machine to run your Docker containers. Once your machine is created and you have connected your shell to this new machine, you’re ready to run Docker commands on this host.


    1. If you’re new to Docker, pre-pull the docker images for the very basic tutorial
      docker pull hello-world
      docker pull alpine
      docker pull seqvence/static-site


    1. To run the application and participate in the rest of the training, pre-pull these images
      docker pull mhart/alpine-node
      docker pull python:2.7-alpine
      docker pull java:openjdk-8-jdk-alpine
      docker pull redis:alpine
      docker pull postgres:9.4


  1. And now you’re ready. See you at the birthday party!

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Thank you Meetup Organizers and Mentors

Without our meetup organizers’ support, none of these celebrations would have been possible! A big thank you to each and every one of you for working hard to organize Docker events to all over the world.

We’re always looking for help organizing Docker related events in many cities. If you’re interested in getting involved as a meetup organizer, please register here to become an active contributor to the Docker community.

Another thank you to everyone who is volunteering to be a mentor and help beginners complete this Docker Birthday App tutorial and challenge. Interested in getting involved? Click here to sign up as a mentor.


Thank you partners and sponsors!

To ensure that these events are inclusive for everyone attending including underrepresented minorities, we have teamed up with the following partners who’re actively helping us organize and promote many Docker Birthday celebrations around the world!





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ChickTech Logo_without flower.PNG

Ruby Central Logo.png    cowboy-color

Finally, we’re very grateful for all the companies below who are sponsoring local editions of the Docker Birthday by providing venues, food and beverages. If your company is interested in sponsoring Docker meetups, please send us an email to



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Victor Coisne

Video Tutorials to Prepare for the Docker Birthday #3 Training!

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