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#SwarmWeek: Get to know the Swarm maintainers

Docker Swarm is the open source project providing native host clustering and container scheduling for Docker application environments. The bi-monthly release cadence with new features and improvements are made possible by a group of maintainers, Docker engineers and contributors from all around the world.

Maintainers are a special part of the Docker community, made up of Docker employees and members of the community. They encourage discussion, comment on proposals, respond to issues, review and merge pull requests in their free time – this dedication is what makes open source great, especially Docker.

Alexandre Beslic

Alexandre Beslic – @abronan

Alexandre is a Docker software engineer and Swarm maintainer. Prior to joining Docker he was a PHD candidate in distributed systems and software focusing on migration interoperability of cloud applications between PaaS providers.

How did your PHD subject influence your decision to join Docker?
The topic of the PhD was at the edge of Engineering and Software Language theory mixed to Models. It tackled the problem of migration of Applications between Cloud Platforms (PaaS). At the time, Google App Engine, Heroku and Microsoft Azure were on fire. However, the lock-in on those platforms was a very serious issue. Even though it makes a lot of sense to be constrained at a framework level to scale seamlessly in Cloud infrastructures, it poses the problem of moving out of the platform once the costs becomes unsustainable or the platform itself dies. After stumbling over the complexity of assisting the developer and automate code changes between platforms to circumvent the limitations, I started to do research on OS level support for process isolation, aka containers. I shifted my thinking from how I could modify the application to fit another platform to how I could wrap and migrate an application with its dependencies without touching or modifying a single line of code. In this regards, LXC containers and CRIU seemed like a perfect choice, and I soon began migrating running enterprise Java apps between servers in the Cloud (on IaaS). That was exciting to say the least! And this was nothing compared to the wave Docker started with its container engine that made the task of creating a container as easy as saying “ouf!”. I left the PhD very early on, confident that containers were the future and that Docker would be a game changer in the Cloud landscape.

What is your favorite thing to do in San Francisco?
Slowly sipping my coffee while walking along the Embarcadero on a sunny day.


andrealuzzardiAndrea Luzzardi – @aluzzardi

Andrea is a Docker software engineer and Swarm maintainer. His roots in Docker run deep and go as far back to the days before as a platform engineer on dotCloud. He is also part of the original team that wrote what we now know as Docker.

What is your favorite Docker memory?
The amazement on people’s faces when we demoed early versions of Docker. We had been using containers for years internally at dotCloud so it wasn’t a big deal for us, but seeing the user’s reaction was always a cool moment.

How did you feel at the most recent DockerCon EU keynote demo featuring Swarm?
Stressed out – hoping the wifi wouldn’t go down in the middle of the live demo 🙂


Chanwit Kaewkasi – @chanwit

Chanwit is a Docker Captain and Swarm maintainer. He is an assistant professor of Computer Engineering at Suranaree University of Technology in Thailand. He teaches both undergraduate and graduate students and conducts research in large scale software and low power big data systems. He is also the co-founder of Aiyara Cluster Laboratory to design systems, software and clustering systems for the clusters using ARM processors. Recently, Chanwit has written a blog post about his experience as a Docker Swarm maintainer.


dongluochenDongluo Chen – @dongluochen

Dongluo is a Docker software engineer and Swarm maintainer. Prior to Docker, Dong was part of the Microsoft Azure team managing the cloud infrastructure and before that a research scientist for various organizations.

Do you have any insight on containers and cloud?
Having worked on Azure I think that containers are the right fit for cloud services. Traditional scheduling has been done a lot at VM level or process level and has a lot of problems. I think container is the great fit for this problem. I read about Swarm and its simple yet powerful tools for container orchestration. As a former Microsoft employee, it’s also exciting to see Microsoft doubling down on container support (Docker) in Windows Server.

As a recent transplant San Francisco, what is your favorite thing so far?
I love the culture and climate here. San Francisco is very rich in culture, both living and technology. I have been to dozens of meetups/conferences in the past 4 months. The startup culture here boosts origin and innovative ideas.


mbauerMorgan Bauer – @MHBauer

Morgan Bauer is a staff software engineer at IBM that helps to maintain Swarm and also contributes to the Docker project.


nishanttotlaNishant Totla – @nishanttotla

Nishant is a Docker software engineer and Swarm maintainer. Prior to Docker Nishant was a Berkeley PhD student researching programming language design and verification. Nishant also spoke at a recent #earthtonesIRL event at SlackHQ on the topic social inclusion from his perspective of growing up in India and recently living in California.

Given your recent background in research, what’s the potential for Docker to help the research community?
One of the biggest issues for the CS research community is reproducibility in research. Several research tools and systems are unusable (and results difficult to verify) because it’s hard to set them up correctly. With the wide range of Docker products, it should be possible to make your research software accessible to a really wide community with minimal overhead. I’ve been trying to encourage my friends in research to experiment with Docker.

You’ve mentioned a love of distance running and biking, do you mind sharing the story of your favorite race?
My favorite memory is from a race I didn’t run in – it was when I was part of the support crew for a friend who was running his first 100 mile race (yes it’s a thing!). I stayed up outdoors for 24 hours straight under extreme conditions, and running from place to place providing support.


Victor Vieux – @vieux

Victor Vieux is a Docker software engineer and Swarm maintainer. Prior to Docker he was making French robots. From robots to containers, Victor has been with Docker since its official launch almost three years ago. Victor is well recognized and most recently immortalized in a CommitStrip cartoon about the inception of Docker.

What is the most memorable Swarm PR of all time?
That would be when we merged support for Mesos. It was two open source project communities working together to create an “interface” with two tools; one for Swarm and one for Mesos. You can see the pull request #845 here.

You two have been on the team the longest… tell us something funny about Andrea.
Ha ha … Andrea is not funny 🙂


3146645Xian Chaobo – @jimmyxian

Xian (Jimmy) is an engineer at Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd in China and joined the Docker community in April 2015.

In his own words “I like Swarm because it serves the standard Docker API and we can use it as one Docker daemon. Also, Swarm follows the “batteries included but removable” principle and allows swapping in different implementations. As a Maintainer, even coming from different country, but have a same dream—Making Docker Swarm more awesome! Let’s rock and roll.”

The Swarm team has grown since we launched as a beta over a year ago and they are looking forward to answering your questions, discussing your proposals and reviewing/merging your pull requests. You can catch them on IRC or on Github on the Docker Swarm project.

Take Swarm for a spin and share your experience with us! Tweet a message or picture about your Swarm and tag @docker and #SwarmWeek for a chance to win a free ticket to DockerCon 2016 in Seattle, June 20-21.


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Betty Junod

#SwarmWeek: Get to know the Swarm maintainers

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