Marc Verstaen

From Board Member to Team Member: Leading Product Development at Docker

Marc Verstaen

Docker was unleashed on an unsuspecting world in March 2013. Prior to that, I had the distinct pleasure of getting an early preview of Solomon Hykes’ vision of creating a programmable layer for the Internet in a dotCloud board meeting. Until then, I had considered dotCloud (now Docker) only as a way to create the best and coolest PaaS.

What Solomon helped me and the other board members to see was that the value of our technology was in how we were doing things, not in the product we were actually delivering at the time. We had to make containers accessible to all, instead of using them for our internal benefit. I was fascinated by Solomon’s vision of a new, straightforward, standardized way to build, deploy and run everything on the Web.

To say that Docker’s growth since has been phenomenal would be an understatement. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to work on great technologies with great engineers as part of leading development teams, running product development organizations as a CEO, three times, as part of Oracle and Apple. I started my first company to develop software for NextStep, created by Steve Jobs and an amazing team. I moved to California to develop products for BeOS, and had a great time interacting with Jean-Louis Gassée and his fellow BeGeeks. And at the time of Solomon’s board presentation, I was working for Apple, implementing Jony Ive’s vision for iOS 7 and leading a team of phenomenal architects working on an unrivaled platform.

Since that time, I have done my best to contribute to Docker’s success as a board member. I have been proud to see Solomon and the team create amazing products that are adopted everywhere. I know that the next phase of Docker will be as exhilarating as its first three years and that is why I couldn’t resist the offer from Ben and Solomon to join the team full time. In my role leading product development, I am excited to be working with Solomon to deliver the awesome products our market deserves. I am inspired to be working with and leading a phenomenal team of developers, product managers, designers in one unified organization. I look forward to working with Ben as he leads us through this period of phenomenal business growth.

I know we are only at the beginning of the journey, but the team at Docker is passionate about changing the world by building tools of mass innovation. We are still a relatively small team with limited resources compared to the bigger companies. We’ve built partnership with an amazing Docker ecosystem. I can’t wait to see what we will accomplish, and how far we will go with such an exceptional team. And I know I will love the challenge.


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