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DockerCon 2016: First Speakers Announced!

We are so excited to announce our first speakers for DockerCon 2016!

A brand new website for the conference is also now live with all the latest news and info about DockerCon taking place June 19-21 in beautiful Seattle, Washington! Make sure to check out our additional bonus content like CFP Templates and Track Descriptions.

Don’t forget to submit your talks for DockerCon! The DockerCon 2016 Call for Proposals will remain open until March 18th. We will continue to add new speakers to the site, but you can see our first confirmed speakers and talks below.


Making Friendly Microservices

with Michele Titolo, Lead Software Engineer at Capital One

micheletitoloSmall is the new big, and for good reason. The benefits of microservices and service-oriented architecture have been extolled for a number of years, yet many forge ahead without thinking of the impact the users of the services. Consuming on micro services can be enjoyable as long as the developer experience has been crafted as finely as the service itself. But just like with any other product, there isn’t a single kind of consumer. Together we will walk through some typical kinds of consumers, what their needs are, and how we can create a great developer experience using brains and tools like Docker.


The Golden Ticket: Docker and High Security Microservices

with Aaron Grattafiori, Technical Director at NCC Group

aarongrattafioriTrue microservices are more than simply bolting a REST interface on your legacy application, packing it in a Docker container and hoping for the best. Security is a key component when designing and building out any new architecture, and it must be considered from top to bottom. Umpa Lumpas might not be considered “real” microservices, but Willy Wonka still has them locked down tight!

In this talk, Aaron will briefly touch on the idea and security benefits of microservices before diving into practical and real world examples of creating a secure microservices architecture. We’ll start with designing and building high security Docker containers, using and examining the latest security features in Docker (such as User Namespaces and seccomp-bpf) as well as examine some typically forgotten security principals. Aaron will end on exploring related challenges and solutions in the areas of network security, secrets management and application hardening. Finally, while this talk is geared towards Microservices, it should prove informational for all Docker users, building a PaaS or otherwise.


Microservices + Events + Docker = A Perfect Trio

with Chris Richardson, Founder at Eventuate

chrisrichardsonMicroservices are an essential enabler of agility but developing and deploying them is a challenge. In order for microservices to be loosely coupled,each service must have its own datastore. This makes it difficult to maintain data consistency across services.

Deploying microservices is also a complex problem since an application typically consists of 10s or 100s of services, written in a variety of languages and frameworks.

In this presentation, you will learn how to solve these problems by using an event-driven architecture to maintain data consistency and by using Docker to simplify deployment.


Sharding Containers: Make Go Apps Computer-Friendly Again

with Andrey Sibiryov, Sr. Infrastructure Engineer at Uber

andreysibiryovGo is, without doubt, a great language for writing massively concurrent programs. Nevertheless, our experience running Go under extreme load shows that there comes a point where assumptions and decisions made in Go runtime bite back on its users and lead to suboptimal performance, especially in high-throughput and high-load applications. This talk covers main reasons for this to happen and explores an interesting way to work around this issue: automatic local sharding with Docker.

Using Docker, a local load balancer and creativity, we can automatically shard & pin our apps in such a way so that the external observer (client, another microservice) would never see any difference. The result is that apps run faster, resource utilization is better and engineers are not frustrated when their Go suddenly breaks down and runs slow because they have a solution!


Join us at DockerCon 2016DockerCon-2016-regnow

We strongly recommend that you register soon to secure your pass. Each previous edition of DockerCon has sold out in advance.

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For those who have submitted speaking proposals: if your talk proposal gets accepted for DockerCon, we’re more than happy to provide a refund on your purchased ticket.


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Ashlynn Polini

DockerCon 2016: First Speakers Announced!

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