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Your Docker Agenda for February

This month is packed with plenty of great events to learn about all things Docker!

From webinars to workshops, meetups to conference talks, check out our list of events that are coming up in February.



Official Docker Training Courses

View the full schedule of instructor led training courses here!

Introduction to Docker

This is a two-day, on-site or classroom-based training course which introduces you to the Docker platform and takes you through installing, integrating, and running it in your working environment. By the end of the course, you will be familiar with the “why” of Docker. You will also be able to perform the basic tasks needed to get started with Docker and integrate it into your working environment.

Feb 15-16: Introduction to Docker with Praqma – Oslo, Norway

Feb 22-23: Introduction to Docker with Praqma – Stockholm, Sweden

Feb 22-23: Introduction to Docker with Antelops Consulting – Madrid, Spain

Feb 29 – Mar 1: Introduction to Docker with Treeptik – Aix en Provence, France

Docker Administration and Operations

This two day course is designed to help new and experienced systems administrators learn to use Docker to control the Docker daemon, security, Docker Machine, Swarm, and Compose.

Feb 2-3: Docker Administration and Operations with Creationline, Inc. – Tokyo, Japan

Feb 18-19: Docker Administration and Operations with Amazic – Nieuw-Vennep, Netherlands

Feb 23-24: Docker Administration and Operations with Vizuri – Orlando, FL

Feb 25-26: Docker Administration and Operations with AKRA – Cologne, Germany

Feb 29 – Mar 1: Docker Administration and Operations with Praqma – Oslo, Norway



Feb 16th: The Docker CaaS Platform Overview
In this webinar you will learn what Docker is, and how the platform can help your organization build, ship and run distributed applications. We’ll also be giving a live demo during the presentation, so you can see Docker firsthand.

Feb 25th: The Value of Docker Subscription and Support
In this webinar you will learn why companies are leveraging Docker enterprise subscription to build, ship and run their distributed applications.


North & South America

Feb 2nd: Microervicios con Docker Consul, Vault y Nomad Y AWS: un Desafío – Medellín, Colombia
Alberto Grespan es Sysadmin en Full 360 Inc, y durante aproximadamente dos años ha estado trabajando en Full 360 para construir una plataforma para ejecutar Microservicios. Contará su experiencia integrando Docker, Consul, Vault y Nomad sobre Amazon Web Services, en el contexto de una conocida aerolínea.

Feb 3rd: MSN DevOps meetup on Docker – Madison, WI

Feb 3rd: Docker – Springfield, MO
Deploying applications can be difficult, especially when many server-side dependencies are involved. Let’s simplify all of this with Docker! We’ll use a free OSS called Rancher to help us manage our Docker deployments. We’ll get an entire Laravel application up and running with Docker in no time! We’ll be ship shipping ships shipping shipping ships together.

Feb 3rd: Docker Universal Control Plan, Presented by the Docker Team – Charlotte, NC

Feb 3rd: Docker Meetup at Sciquest – Raleigh, NC
Its been a few months, being how crazy the holidays were, but it’s time to get back into the swing of things. Lets get together and have a deep dive into one of the 3 major clustering technologies, Docker Swarm. In this meetup we will go over a full demo’ed setup of a 3 node docker swarm cluster from the ground up.


Feb 3rd: Docker Meetup at 2 Penn Plaza – New York, NY
Andrey Sibiryov: Kernel load- balancing for Docker containers using IPVS: Many companies use expensive proprietary hardware and software to provide load-balancing and routing for their users and services. I’m going to demonstrate how the same or even exceeding performance and feature set can be achieved using an open-source technology which has been a part of the mainline Linux kernel for over a decade – IPVS. Specifically, you’ll see how IPVS can be used to automatically configure load balancing and routing for Docker containers using a simple Go daemon and a Docker plugin.


Feb 8th: Docker (& Linux Container) Ecosystem and Docker Adoption Case Study – New York, NY
Linux containers, and Docker specifically has gained tremendous amount of popularity very quickly. We will explore what all the fuss is about this month. We’ll start with some introductory content about what containers are and overview of the ecosystem, and then hear a case study of a team that migrated to docker. Talk #1 – Introduction to Containers, Docker and Docker Ecosystem. Orchestration. Talk #2 – Migrating to Docker, Case Study

Feb 9th: Docker Meetup at Docker HQ – San Francisco, CA
Join us for the first Meetup event that will held at Docker HQ with speakers from Sumologic and Docker!


Feb 9th: BCrypt Ruby Passwords, Docker for Development – Baltimore, MD
Join us for another round of Ruby, Rails and more! On the agenda this month: BCrypt Ruby for Passwords — Ashley J, Docker for Development — Nicholas A. Evans

Feb 9th: Beyond Aurora. Scale-out SQL databases for AWS. Later Docker Basics – San Mateo, CA
6:30 to 7:00 Refreshments and Networking, 7:00 to 8:00 Benchmark: Beyond Aurora. Lokesh Khosla, 8:00 to 8:30 Docker Basics – Q&A style – John Varghese

Feb 10th: Docker Meetup at Athlinks – Boulder, CO
How Athlinks Uses Docker in Dev and Production: Talk by Ryan Koch of Athlinks.


Feb 11th: Docker Meetup at UNCC 1 – Charlotte, NC
Come learn how Docker supports the industry shift towards a more agile and flexible development strategy using DevOps methods. This will include a brief intro to DevOps and a demonstration/lab of how a PaaS platform can successfully deploy Docker containers on a cloud platform and then manage the application in the deployment pipeline. This is how many enterprises are leveraging Docker to speed application innovation. Bring your laptop if you would like to complete the lab on your own machine.


Feb 15th: Docker talk is back on Feb 15 – Cedar Falls, IA
Welcome Darin King travel back to make up the Docker talk for Feb. CVDev meeting. Title: Docker: What it is, where it fits, how it might help you, and the future of Containers We will explore Docker, how to set it up, how to enhance it, what are some of the characteristics, how it applies to other technologies and how it makes the best apple pie, in this talk. We will use some well known use cases for Docker such as loading a ASP.Net app on Azure, using Docker to explore its potential.

Feb 16th: Docker Meetup at Microsoft Dominicana – Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Docker es un proyecto de código abierto que automatiza el despliegue de aplicaciones dentro de contenedores de software, proporcionando una capa adicional de abstracción y automatización de Virtualización a nivel de sistema operativo en Linux. Esta serala primera de muchas charlas realizada por la comunidad de Docker, en ella veremos los primeros pasos con esta tecnologia y los beneficios de utilizar la misma. Nuestro orador es Jonathan Montero quien es miembro de The Linux Foundation y posee la certificacion de “Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator (LFCS)”.


Feb 16th: NY Crash Course: Using Docker in Production for your Web Apps – New York, NY
We would like to share our Docker knowledge and experience with developers and teach them how to use Docker in production and how to build and deploy Dockerize web app in the secure and automated way. Why is it worth using Docker? The number of companies that moved their infrastructure to Docker is constantly increasing.

Feb 17th: Docker Meetup at Dynatrace – San Mateo, CA
Bill Zajac from Dynatrace will present on how to use the Dynatrace free edition showcasing how to manage unit testing on Docker with Dynatrace visibility. He will cover the ability to test via Jenkins and get the Dynatrace REST report into the terminal. More info on the rest of the schedule will be added soon! Stay tuned!


Feb 17th: Docker Meetup at Louisiana Technology Park – Baton Rouge, LA
Come join us for the first ever Docker Meetup in Louisiana. In this meetup, we’ll go through a recap of DockerCon Europe and talk about how to use containers to improve app security.


Feb 17th: Docker + Open Networking: Decoupling infrastructure from hardware – Mountain View, CA
Medallia leveraged Docker with Mesos to transition to a microservice architecture for their applications. Join Medallia’s Architect, Thorvald Natvig as he explains how Docker, Mesos and Open Networking allowed Medallia to build a larger and more automated datacenter.

Feb 18th: Clustering Docker Containers – Pittsburgh, PA

Feb 18th: Docker – Jacksonville, FL
Deploying and testing Node with Docker, the Linux container technology that is quickly eating the world.

Feb 18th: Docker Meetup in Guadalajara – Guadalajara, Mexico
Dockercon Barcelona 2015 & Showcase: Hablaremos acerca de lo que pasó durante el Dockercon 2015 y todos ustedes están invitados a mostrarnos qué han hecho con Docker.


Feb 22nd-25th: Docker is at IBM InterConnect 2016 – Las Vegas, NV
If you are attending the conference be sure to visit the Docker team in booth #680 & attend one of the 35+ sessions about Docker. The Docker team will be on-hand to answer your questions, deliver demos, share best practices and give away fun Docker swag!

Be sure to bookmark these key sessions-
#1664 Deliver More Software, Faster with Docker
– learn more about this session in this video with Nicola Kabar, Docker=
#6424 Full-Stack Deployment: IBM UrbanCode Deploy with Patterns, Blue Box and Docker

Whether you are attending InterConnect or not be sure to join the LIVE Google Hangout: Key Considerations for Using Docker Containers in Production on Thursday, Feb. 4th at 12:00pm EST/ 9:00am PST for a preview of Docker @ InterConnect 2016.
Join the Google Hangout or watch live on YouTube

Feb 23rd: Docker Meetup at The Innevation Center – Las Vegas, NV
We have been able to secure Mesophere.io to do a technical presentation on the resources of Mesophere and the Docker container. We will also discuss interfaces and tools with this highly used orchestration platform.


Feb 24th: Docker Meetup at Aerospike – Mountain View, CA
Speaker# 1: Alvin Richards, VP of Product at Aerospike: Aerospike + Docker: From development to deployment. In this talk we review what Docker is and why it’s important to Developers, Admins and DevOps when they are using a NoSQL Database such as Aerospike, the high performance NoSQL Database. Persistence is a critical element for a successful multi-Container strategy. Speaker #2: Mike Goelzer: Docker Swarm 1.0.


Feb 24th: Docker 101 and Swarm – Dallas, TX



Feb 2nd: Learn how to deploy web app with Docker – London, United Kingdom
The meetup agenda 1) Cloud 66 Docker 101 2) Habitus project 3) Guest Speaker, Ed Harrison- Introduction to the Container Networking and Security 4) Beer! Habitus project Habitus is a standalone Docker build flow tool. It is a command line tool that builds Docker images based on their Dockerfile and a build.yml in a predictable and reproducible with support for multiple steps and best practices.

Feb 2nd: Docker Meetup at Klub Mama – Zagreb, Croatia
Join the February Docker Zagreb Meetup event!


Feb 2nd: Docker Meetup at Codebase – Edinburgh, United Kingdom
The official launch of Using Docker: Developing and Deploying Software with Containers will take place at CodeBase on Tue 2nd Feb. There will be a short, high-level talk on Docker, what it is and why it’s useful. I’ll also explain the story behind the whale on the cover. This will be followed by a chance to ask questions and get me to deface copies of the book. There will be free drinks at the event and afterwards we will relocate to a local hostelry.


Feb 3rd: Docker Meetup at Skillsmatter (CodeNode) – London, United Kingdom
We have a great meetup organised for February. To begin we’ll start by looking at alternate container runtimes before exploring real world Docker usages. We’ll announce our final speaker nearer the time but it’s one not to miss! Agenda: 18:00: Drinks, food & chit chat. 18:30: Introduction to Rkt – Luke Bond, Yld. Luke will share his first impressions, compare and contrast with Docker and RunC, and show some examples of how to use Rkt. 19:15: Docker Usage Patterns – Benjamin Fernandes, Datadog.


Feb 3rd: Docker Meetup at SpeedLedger – Göteborg, Sweden
We would like to welcome you all to the first meetup of 2016. Let’s meet and discuss what will happen this year with Docker. We will have a video presentation from DockerCon EU 2015 about a real world Use Case and discuss what we should focus on in 2016.


Feb 3rd: DockerCon EU recap & Docker Networking – Bordeaux, France


Feb 5th: Docker from Scratch – Cagliari, Italy
Learn about Docker at The Net Value Srl in Cagliari, Italy!

Feb 5th: Docker Meetup at Cafe Breton – La Rioja, Spain
Join Docker Logroño for meetup #7


Feb 5th: Docker Meetup at Brno University of Technology – Brno, Czech Republic
DevConf.cz (containers track)


Feb 8th: Docker Meetup at Google Campus TLV – Tel Aviv, Israel


Feb 9th: Docker Meetup in Budapest – Budapest, Hungary
Let’s do the Docker Meetup Farsang edition, the one who comes dressed up has priority for getting swag! We will be giving a shorter version of Jérôme Petazzoni’s talk “Cgroups, namespaces, and beyond: what are containers made from?”


Feb 9th: Docker Meetup at WooRank – Brussels, Belgium
A “practical” session, which aims to run Docker, play with all the basic-but-important features (pull/run/commit/build/network/volumes/etc.) , on Raspberry Pis. We can push until Docker-compose, Swarm, and maybe docker-machine ! I tried this kind of event inside my company, to make people aware of what we can do (and do not) with Docker. I managed to make people pair-working : 2 persons / raspberry (with HDMI-screen, keyboard and mice). Building the cluster of Raspberry is also cooperative to be a fun moment of sharing and learning.


Feb 11th: Docker Meetup at Futurice Tampere – Tampere, Finland
Join the next Docker Tampere meetup event! Please get in touch if you have a presentation idea or a topic. Since the “title” of the meetup is a required field (tender_hugle), I decided to go with $ docker run alpine:3.3 true && docker inspect -f ‘{{.Name}}’ $(docker ps -ql)|sed ‘s_^/__’ && docker rm $(docker ps -ql)


Feb 11th: Docker Meetup at SkyScanner Glasgow – Glasgow, United Kingdom
DockerGlasgow #2: Workshop: Moving the Development Environment to Docker. In the first of our workshop based meetings, we’ll show you how to take your existing code base and craft a development environment with Docker. We’ll aim to cover a variety of platforms, including: Python, PHP and dotNet.


Feb 12th: Tutorial: Docker and Kubernetes Recipes with Arun Gupta – Umeå, Sweden
Containers are enabling developers to package their applications in new ways that are portable and work consistently everywhere. Docker has become the de facto standard for those portable containers in the cloud. This tutorial will provide an introduction to Docker. The talk will explain several recipes on how to create and publish Docker images that package Java EE applications. Design patterns and anti-patterns that show how to create cluster of such applications will be shown.

Feb 13th: DockerOps 2016 – Cento, Italy
DockerOps 2016 is a conference dedicated to Docker and the general technology of using containers in production environments.

Feb 13th: Docker 101 – Workshop – Beginners – Bucharest, Romania
Bring your laptop with you. 1. Set-up Docker 2. Start a container 3. Create an image 4. Save the image on docker registry 5. Use docker-compose to create and start multiple nodes

Feb 16th: Docker Meetup at AX Semantics – Stuttgart, Germany
Join us for our third meetup event!


Feb 17th: Docker 101 Workshop – Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
This workshop will be taken by Liya Katz and Miron Gofer from Tikal. Docker became one of the hottest tech buzzwords lately – everybody talk about it, everybody want to use it, but it’s not always so clear how to gain value from it.

Feb 17th: Docker Meetup at Deindeal.ch offices – Zurich, Switzerland
We’re happy to announce the next Docker Switzerland user group meetup. Agenda of the meetup is,18:30 to 19:00 – Talk by Jochen Zehnder, from netIT-Services – What is Docker and why is it so hot?


Feb 17th: Meetup Kick-off: Introduction to Docker and Vagrant – Tarragona, Spain
Join us in the first Tarragona Developers Meetup (#tgndevs). This event will be hosted at Campus Sescelades in URV. The exact room/lab will be announced in the following weeks. Schedule: 19:00 – 19:20: Meetup introduction 19:20 – 20:00: Intro to containers and Docker, by Adrián Moreno 20:00 – 20:40: Managing dev environments with Vagrant, by Guillermo Guerrero 20:40 – 21:00: Chat / Networking Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Feb 17th: Docker Meetup at istic – Rennes, France


Feb 23rd: Morning Talks – Docker – Prague, Czech Republic
Come learn about Docker with speaker Jiri Kratochvil, CEO and Chief Architect, TopMonks.

Feb 23rd: Docker Meetup at STYLIGHT HQ – Munich, Germany
For this Docker meetup I’ll have the pleasure to have one of the leading German Docker expert, Peter Rossbach. We have time for other talks, please register on this form if you want to be a speaker! Please register on this form if you want to sponsor food or drinks! We’ll be hosted by Stylight!


Feb 24th: Docker Meetup at Workday – Dublin, Ireland
We are pleased to announce the first Docker Meetup of 2016. Rob Johnson from Yelp is going to talk about the challenges of building a production ready PaaS with Mesos and Docker. If you would like to attend please sign up soon. We will be limiting this Meetup to 100 attendees. If you would like to talk at a future Meetup or present a cool docker hack then please private message the Meetup organizer.


Feb 25th: Docker Meetup at Auditorio Google Campus Madrid – Madrid, Spain
Join us for our meetup at the end of February where we will cover some of the hottest topics around Docker. We’ll have a presentation given by Luis González, Cloud Architect in BEEVA, and another one given by Docker. ID numbers (DNI) must be submitted at least 2 days before the event for security reasons and you must bring your photo ID with you the day of the event to gain entrance.




Feb 6th: Chennai Hearts Docker: Docker Workshop – Chennai, India
How much does it take to get started on Docker? Not more than a day really! Because Docker simplifies your infrastructure, right from development to production.

Feb 6th: Introduction to Docker – Bangalore, India
Introduction to Docker by Author of “Learning Docker”



Feb 16th: Docker Meetup at Optiver – Sydney, Australia
Talk 1 – Tutum: the best way to deploy and manage Dockerized applications By Geoff Bowers, CEO of Daemon Internet Consultants. Tutum makes it easy for new Docker users to build and deploy applications. Tutum’s operations interface empowers seasoned Docker users to manage the full spectrum of applications, from single container apps to distributed microservices stacks, anywhere.


Feb 29th: Docker Meetup at Fraedom – Auckland, New Zealand
In September the Docker Global Hackathon took place. A group of people from Auckland were due to take part. This meetup will showcase the approach and work I did on that day and others of interest around the world. The Open Space Sessions will consist of 2 different streams with a topic to be decided on during the break. The 2 streams will be Docker Usage and Docker Hacking.




Feb 5th: Docker Meetup at LakeHub – Kisumu, Kenya
In this meetup, we’ll discuss the benefits of service discovery within a clustered Docker environment. We will focus mainly on general concepts, but provide more specific examples where appropriate. Containers provide an elegant solution for those looking to design and deploy applications at scale. While Docker provides the actual containerizing technology, many other projects assist in developing the tools needed for appropriate bootstrapping and communication in the deployment environment.


Feb 9th: DevOps JHB February: Containerized builds with Docker – Johannesburg, South Africa
DevOps JHB’s first event for 2016 kicks off with a talk from your host, Dewald Viljoen. Containerized builds with Docker (30 minutes) I’d like to talk to everyone about someone we often neglect. That someone keeps our code flowing into production, runs all those automated tests, does things that we might not even remember to deploy to all our environments.

Feb 19th: Docker Meetup at LakeHub – Kisumu, Kenya
In this meetup, we will discuss the various networking strategies and tools used to mold the networks used by containers into their desired state. Some situations can take advantage of Docker-native solutions, while others must utilize alternative projects. When constructing distributed systems to serve Docker containers, communication and networking become extremely important. Service-oriented architecture, undeniably, relies heavily upon communication between components in order to function correctly.



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Your Docker Agenda for February

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