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Your Docker Agenda for IBM InterConnect 2016

Are you attending IBM InterConnect 2016 on February 22-25 at the Mandalay Bay & MGM Grand in Las Vegas?

Be sure to visit the the Docker team next week in booth #680! Stop by and meet the Docker team, discuss best practices with Docker experts, view demos of Docker Datacenter with UrbanCode Deploy and Softlayer and get fun Docker swag!

Featuring over 90 Docker sessions and labs, Docker is definitely the hot topic at InterConnect 2016. With the dizzying array of options don’t miss these key sessions:



Monday, February 22nd

DES-1664: Deliver More Software, Faster with Docker by Nicola Kabar (Docker)

12:00 – 1:00 PM – Surf Ballroom A – Mandalay Bay SOUTH

Docker is a technology that enables teams to more easily adopt DevOps methodologies by removing the technical barriers that hinder the speed and flexibility of software delivery. By automating the continuous integration (CI) workflow and deployment to production, Docker provides development teams the unique advantage to ship more software faster. This session will discuss the value of Docker to build, ship and run distributed apps anywhere by taking a Docker application from local development environment to an IBM Cloud production deployment using Docker native tools and best practices.

Learn more about this session from Nicola Kabar at Docker.


CLD-2340: IBM WebSphere Liberty and Docker Deep Dive by David Currie (IBM) and Thomas Banks (IBM)

3:00 – 04:00 PM – Islander Ballroom I – Mandalay Bay NORTH

So you’ve decided that Docker will form part of your next-generation application platform? What implications does that have on the way in which you use WebSphere Liberty? In this session, we’ll take a deep dive into factors you should consider as part of your design. Which edition of Liberty should you use? What do you need to consider when building a Docker image with Java, Liberty and your application? Who owns each of the layers? How do you handle maintenance? What options do you have for logging and monitoring? What changes when it comes to problem determination? How do you manage environment specific dependencies? Come along to this session to find out the answers to these questions and more.


DDD-4293: How to Adopt Docker Within Your Enterprise Using IBM UrbanCode Deploy by Michael Elder (IBM), Michael Samano (IBM) and Aaron Huslage (Docker)

4:30 – 5:30 PM – Lagoon L – Mandalay Bay SOUTH

In this session, we will discuss how to incorporate Docker into your Continuous Delivery pipeline. We will highlight challenges that enterprises can encounter when adopting Docker, including image management, promotion and configuration management. We will discuss how Docker applications or components can compliment existing traditional IT architectures, and will perform a live demonstration of the Docker/IBM UrbanCode capabilities to deploy Docker containers into local Docker Runtimes.


Wednesday, February 24th

COC-5118: Taking the Next Hot Mobile Game Live with Docker and IBM SoftLayer by Daniel Krook (IBM), Shaun Murakami (IBM), Scott Porter (Firemonkeys), and Lennart Goedhart (Electronic Arts Melbourne Firemonkeys)

3:45 PM – 04:30 PM – Breakers L – Mandalay Bay SOUTH

Mobile games are the fastest-growing sector of the $70 billion video game industry, far outpacing traditional consoles. But companies that aspire to create the next hot title have to account for more than just the app downloaded to a user device. They must prepare for huge spikes in game play with scalable backends to handle massive data and transactions behind socially linked user profiles and global leaderboards. This talk looks at how IBM successfully partnered with Firemonkeys, a major studio that had hit their vertical scaling limit, to design and deploy a new Docker-based architecture on SoftLayer. This scale-out architecture is able to handle an order of magnitude more customers for their next major release.


Thursday, February 25th

PEJ-2314: IBM WebSphere Application Server traditional and Docker by David Currie (IBM) and Thomas Banks (IBM)

8:30 – 09:15 AM – South Pacific Ballroom A – Mandalay Bay NORTH

If you have IBM WebSphere applications and want to run them in Docker containers to benefit from portability and isolation, then this is the session you must attend. This presentation will cover the various how-to aspects, starting from creating a simple configuration to setting up a network deployment (ND) topology using Docker containers. This will be followed by some of our experiences, challenges and best practices in developing and running WebSphere images.


Learn more about how IBM and Docker offer integrated container solutions that can meet the diverse needs of enterprises.


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Trisha McCanna

Your Docker Agenda for IBM InterConnect 2016

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