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Laura Frank Explains Why She Spoke at DockerCon EU 2015

Victor Coisne

Laura Frank is an engineer who creates tools to make development processes simpler. She started coding after receiving a hand-me-down DOS system and has been lost in the code mines ever since. She currently works at Codeship as a software engineer working on their Docker tool.

She presented a talk at DockerCon EU 2015 titled “Stop Being Lazy and Test Your Software” that was one of the top 5 talks presented at the conference! It was also happened to be one of our favorites from the conference.

Laura recently chatted with us to discuss her work and why she spoke at DockerCon EU 2015.


What did you take away from speaking at DockerCon EU 2015?

My favorite part of being a speaker is having a bit of insider access to the other speakers and organizers. I’ve made some awesome friends while speaking at different conferences. It’s great to have a network of people all very interested in the same types of things you’re working on, and it’s great to be able to ping those people to ask for help or just to geek out about something.

What was your experience as a DockerCon speaker like?

DockerCon is a great conference for speakers. The organizers gave the us lots of opportunities to talk to one another, and we had a great speaker room where we could rehearse, polish up slides, and get ready for our talks. Before the conference, I got lots of feedback and support from organizers, and the time leading up to Barcelona had clear deadlines and was really organized.

Tell us about your favorite DockerCon moment.

Truly, the after party in Barcelona couldn’t be beat. But my favorite moments are always the live demos, especially the ones that didn’t work up until a couple minutes before the talk. Conferences are such a good platform for showing off proof of concept-level stuff, and those are always the projects that excite me the most.

What are you currently working on?

I work at Codeship, which provides continuous integration and continuous deployment services. Right now we’re doing a lot of work on our Codeship Docker tool, which makes it a lot easier to move from development to CI/CD with Docker, because we allow you to use a lot of stuff from your development workflow directly in your CI/CD configuration. We’re also working on improving our parallel testing tools. Docker is a huge help here because we know we can get a reliable, identical environment each time we run a Dockerized application, which makes it easier to split up testing workloads and run them in parallel.

Do you have any advice for people wanting to speak?

I think the best talks come from people who are highly interested in their subject, and can transform that enthusiasm into something very concrete and practical. I love talks where I learn something I can implement right away. The “this is how my company uses technology X” types of talks are a bit overdone, and they’re kind of self-serving. A better way to structure a talk like that is “I did X for my company, this is the problem it solved, and here’s how you can do it too.”


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Below are the abstract, slide deck and recorded video from Laura’s presentation on “Stop Being Lazy and Test Your Software” at DockerCon 2015 EU:

Testing software is necessary, no matter the size or status of your company. Introducing Docker to your development workflow can help you write and run your testing frameworks more efficiently, so that you can always deliver your best product to your customers and there are no excuses for not writing tests anymore. You’ll walk away from this talk with practical advice for using Docker to run your test frameworks more efficiently, as well as some solid knowledge of software testing principles.


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