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DockerCon EU 2015 Videos: Docker, Docker, Docker

Victor Coisne

And all of the videos from the Docker, Docker, Docker track at DockerCon EU 2015 are now available!

Check out the recorded sessions and slides below.



Getting Started with Docker – Sam Alba‎, Sr. Director of Engineering, Docker and Jeff Morgan, Software Engineer, Docker

Are you new to Docker? In this session we provide an overview of Docker technology.

The Latest in Docker Engine – Jessie Frazelle, Software Engineer, Docker and Arnaud Porterie, Sr. Engineering Manager, Docker

Learn about the latest capabilities in Docker Engine and how to use them in your application. This session also covers best practices for using Engine, troubleshooting tips, and cool lesser known features.

Docker Orchestration at Production Scale – Andrea Luzzardi, Swarm Project Lead, Docker and Victor Vieux, Software Engineer, Docker

Docker Swarm provides clustering and scheduling capabilities for IT ops teams responsible for deploying and managing applications. In this session, learn more about how the recent GA release of Swarm scales and works with Networking and Compose to deploy your apps into production.

Understanding Docker Security – Nathan McCauley, Director of Security, Docker

In this session, Nathan explains the Docker architecture with respect to providing isolation and security properties to your applications and operating environment.

Docker Networking Deep Dive – Jana Radhakrishnan, Lead Software Engineer at Docker and David Tucker, Product Manager, Docker

Docker Networking is a feature of Docker Engine that allows you to create virtual networks and attach containers to them so you can create the network topology that is right for your application. The networked containers can even span multiple hosts, so you don’t have to worry about what host your container lands on. They can seamlessly communicate with each other wherever they are – thus enabling true distributed applications.

And Networking is pluggable, so you can use any third-party networking driver to power your networks without having to make any changes to your application.

Docker Universal Control Plane – Banjot Chanana, Sr. Director of Product Management, Docker and Evan Hazlett, Software Engineer, Docker

Docker Universal Control Plane offers an on-premises management solution to deploy and manage your Dockerized apps – regardless of where they run.

Universal Control Plane delivers:

– Enterprise-ready capabilities such as LDAP/AD integration, on-premises deployment and high availability, scale, and load balancing.
– Fastest time to value with an easy to deploy and use solution for Docker management.
– Docker native solution using core Docker tools, API and vast ecosystem.
– For developers and IT ops, a quick and easy way to build, ship, and run distributed apps from a single Docker framework.

Tutum: Deploy and Manage Dockerized Applications – Fernando Mayo, CTO & Co-founder, Tutum and Borja Burgos, CEO & Co-founder, Tutum

As a developer, you want to build and deploying applications to be easy. Build it once and deploy it wherever you want. Tutum makes it easy. In this session, you’ll learn how Tutum can be part of your CI/CD pipeline.

What’s New in Docker Trusted Registry – Jon Chu, Product Manager, Docker and Rajat Goel, Director of Engineering, Docker

Docker Trusted Registry allows you to easily run and manage a private registry on-premise or in your VPC. In this session, learn more about the new capabilities in Trusted Registry 1.4 including a search and browse UI, image garbage collection, integration to Docker Content Trust and much more to improve how to manage your images and your Dockerized apps.

Docker Hub Official Repos and Project Nautilus – Krish Garimella, Sr. Director of Engineering, Docker and Mario Ponticello, Product Manager, Docker

In this session, learn more about Docker Hub Official Repositories and the process behind securing and maintaining images in collaboration with upstream partners. Krish and Mario also introduce Project Nautilus for image scanning and vulnerability detection for Official Repositories.

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