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Docker at Connect(); // 2015

Connect(); //2015, Microsoft’s virtual event devoted to developers, happened one day after DockerCon EU 2015, and started with an epic demo where Scott Hanselman deployed an ASP.NET 5 app from Visual Studio to a Docker container on Azure on Linux.

The main theme at Connect() was that Microsoft loves all developers, across operating systems and languages, commercial and open source, and build tools and cloud services for all of them. Next Erich Gamma open sourced Visual Studio Code on stage, a cross platform editor for Mac, Linux and Windows with an excellent support for Dockerfile and Docker Compose files.

Scott Hanselman has a good recap blog post of all the announcements that day, and here is the official one. My favorite announcement was that now you can compile a .NET application statically on Linux.

Scott Guthrie concluded his keynote saying: Microsoft Loves Developers.

Here is an interview we did with with Dan Fernandez during Connect() about Docker.

And the panel discussion we joined about the lessons learned when creating products in the open with questions sourced from the developer audience.

The second day of the event, Microsoft announced the release of Hyper-V Containers in Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 4, providing an additional deployment option for containers on Windows, with increased isolation guarantees associated with traditional virtualization.

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Patrick Chanezon

Docker at Connect(); // 2015

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