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Your Docker Agenda for November

DockerCon EU 2015 is definitely a main highlight for Docker events in November, but there are so many other awesome events scheduled this month in Docker communities all over the world and online!

From meetups to conference talks, webinars to workshops, check out our list of events that are coming up in November.


Official Docker Training Courses

View the full schedule here!

Introduction to Docker

This is a two-day, on-site or classroom-based training course which introduces you to the Docker platform and takes you through installing, integrating, and running it in your working environment. By the end of the course, you will be familiar with the “why” of Docker. You will also be able to perform the basic tasks needed to get started with Docker and integrate it into your working environment.

Nov 5 – Nov 6: Introduction to Docker with Zenika  – Rennes, France

Nov 12 – Nov 13: Introduction to Docker with Xebia  – Paris, France


Docker Administration and Operations

This two day course is designed to help new and experienced systems administrators learn to use Docker to control the Docker daemon, security, Docker Machine, Swarm, and Compose.

Nov 5 – Nov 6: Docker Administration and Operations with AKRA – Hamburg, Germany

Nov 19 – Nov 20: Docker Administration and Operations with Cevo – Sydney, Australia

Nov 19 – Nov 20: Docker Administration and Operations with Zenika – Paris, France

Nov 26 – Nov 27: Docker Administration and Operations with Cevo – Melbourne, Australia

Nov 30 – Dec 1: Docker Administration and Operations with Amazic – Nieuw-Vennep, Netherlands



Nov 4th: Docker Tutum Overview and Demo
In this webinar we will give you an overview of our new management platform, and show you a demo so you can see it in action.

Nov 5th: What’s New in Docker Trusted Registry?
Learn about the new updates to Docker Trusted Registry and how you can leverage the solution within your environment.

Nov 11th: Docker Online Meetup #28: Production-Ready Docker Swarm
Swarm v1.0 is now ready for running your apps in production!

Swarm is the easiest way to run Docker applications at large scale on a cluster. It turns a pool of Docker Engines into a single, virtual Engine. You don’t have to worry about where to put containers, or how they’re going to talk to each other – it just handles all that for you.

We’ve spent the last few months tirelessly hardening and tuning it, and in combination with multi-host networking and the new volume system in Docker Engine 1.9, we can confidently say that it’s ready for running your apps in production. In our tests, we’ve been running Swarm on EC2 with 1,000 nodes and 30,000 containers and it keeps on scheduling containers in less than half a second. Not even breaking a sweat! Keep an eye for a blog post soon with the full details.

Join this online meetup with Alexandre Beslic to learn more about production-ready Swarm!

Nov 12th: Docker Online Meetup #29: Docker Networking is Now GA
At DockerCon in June, we first announced experimental support for Docker Networking. As of the 1.9 release of Docker, we are excited to announce that Docker Networking is generally available to define how your Dockerized apps connect together.

Docker Networking is a feature of Docker Engine that allows you to create virtual networks and attach containers to them so you can create the network topology that is right for your application. The networked containers can even span multiple hosts, so you don’t have to worry about what host your container lands on. They can seamlessly communicate with each other wherever they are – thus enabling true distributed applications.

And Networking is pluggable, so you can use any third-party networking driver to power your networks without having to make any changes to your application.

Join this online meetup to learn more about Docker Networking in Docker 1.9.



Nov 4th: Introduction to Apache Mesos with Docker – Stockholm, Sweden
Mesos is an exciting new technology that allows you to have full control over how your applications scale. Add Docker into the mix and you get untra-fast, friction-less scaling.

Nov 4th: Docker Meetup at Le Lucifer – Bordeaux, France
Come hear Arnaud Porterie, Senior Engineering Manager at Docker. Join us with your questions, your experiences and your good mood.

Nov 4th: EMC Code & Docker Tutorial At WebSummit – Ballsbridge, Ireland
This EMC {code} and Docker Tutorial at Web Summit introduces you to the Docker platform and takes you through installing, integrating, and running it in your working environment. We’ll explain why Docker exists and why you should care about it. We’ll be looking at the latest and greatest from the Docker platform, including storage and networking.

Nov 5th: Docker, Polymer und Wartbare Oberflächentests – Kiel, Germany
Wartbare Oberflächentests mit Open-Source-Software

Nov 9th: [Bio in Docker] Symposium 2015 – London, United Kingdom
Join us for the first exclusive event that brings together discussions on dockers within Bioinformatics! This event will bring together some notable cases to discuss how advantage of this new technology can best be achieved within the Bioinformatics space. Day one and two of the event will feature lightning talks from selected speakers. Day two will additionally include an afternoon mini-hackday to introduce, demonstrate, and invite participation using Docker on some interesting and well scoped problems (you are encouraged to make suggestions for the hackday topics).

Nov 9th: Docker Talk at dotGo – Paris, France
Docker’s very own Jessie Frazelle will be present at dotGo!

Nov 10th: Docker Meetup at Maltem Consulting Group – Paris, France
Meetup Docker #26 @Maltem avec Jessie Frazelle and Patrick Chanezon

Nov 11th: Docker Meetup at WooRank – Brussels, Belgium
DockerconEU warm up with Jessie Frazelle and Patrick Chanezon

Nov 11th: Docker Meetup at Hatch – Oxford, United Kingdom
Have you ever returned to an old project, only to find that you have to re-install older versions of software, before even starting any work? This is a common problem, compounded by developer environments across the team varying in hardware, OS versions, and development software.

Docker is a virtualisation-like technology which enables you to run software in a fixed environment, but without the speed problems normally associated with a virtual machine.

This enables us to specify versions of project dependencies, server software, tooling and operating systems, storing these alongside the project. Any developer can now run any project in the company very easily, reducing setup time, and freeing you up from troubleshooting system configurations.

This talk describes how we have introduced docker and docker-compose at Incuna to package python and front-end projects, saving hours of developer time and stress.

Nov 11th: Introduction to Docker, Streamcomputing on ApacheSpark and InfoSphere Streams – Zürich, Switzerland
Introduction to Docker, Apache Spark and InfoSphere Streams and the nVisio Emotional Face Detection Algorithm

Nov 12th: Orchestrating Docker containers with Kubernetes – Oslo, Norway
Hands-on introduction to Kubernetes with demos, from local virtual machines to the cloud.

Nov 12th: Learn how to deploy web app with Docker – London, United Kingdom
We would like to share our Docker knowledge and experience with developers and teach them how to use Docker in production and how to build and deploy Dockerize web app in the secure and automated way.

Nov 12th: Docker Meetup at Gründerwerft GmbH – Hamburg, Germany
OpenShift 3 + Docker

Nov 13th: Docker Meetup at The Cube Athens – Athens, Greece
Dimitris Moraitis and Chris Loukas will present and discuss the basic concepts and features of Kubernetes and CoreOS and then present how they’re applying them in the context of repackaging Mist.io in order to improve scalability and simplify maintenance. We’ll discuss also about common issues on maintaining a Kubernetes cluster, including monitoring its operation, performing rolling updates, backups and recovering from failures.

Nov 15th: Docker Helsinki Meetup – Barcelona, Spain
Join the Docker Helsinki Meetup group for a Dockercon Europe Warmup in Barcelona, Spain

Nov 15th: Pre-DockerCon party with Cisco and Container Solutions in Barcelona – Barcelona, Spain
Join us in beautiful Barcelona to kick off DockerConEU 2015. Expect music, drinks, Catalonian snacks and more at the incredible Metric Market in Barcelona. We’ll also be joined by TheNewStack for a live ‘champagne podcast’! Places are strictly limited, so confirm your place ASAP. See you in Barcelona!

Nov 16-17 DockerCon Europe 2015 – Barcelona, Spain
At DockerCon, you’ll have the opportunity to hear about all of the interesting ways developers, Ops, DevOps and Sysadmins are using Docker – Register now

Nov 17th: Docker Meetup at ISEN – Lille, France
Docker basics avec explications + live coding. Plusieurs démos (ex : “Mon environnement de Dev avec Docker”)

Nov 18th: Container data summit: Barcelona – Barcelona, Spain
Join us for a fun, informative, and relaxing event centered on containers and storage. This event is scheduled to happen in Barcelona the day after the end of DockerCon EU 2015. This small meetup-style event will bring together container experts and enthusiasts to talk about best practices for stateful applications in containers.

Nov 19th: Docker Meetup at T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH – Dresden, Germany
Docker Dresden Meetup Save the date!

Nov 19th: Docker Meetup at Codebase – Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Adrian Mouat – “Docker: Why, What, and For What?” This talk will cover: what Docker is and the fundamental technologies it builds on, including Linux kernel features and copy-on-write file systems; why it has become so popular and seen such rapid uptake, and what people are using it for, including the hot new topic of microservices. Andrew Kennedy will bring us up-to-date with all the announcements and stories from DockerCon EU.

Nov 19th: ContainerSched 2015 – The Container & Scheduler Conference – London, United Kingdom
ContainerSched 2015 will focus on the current interest around both containers and schedulers, and aims to explore the core technologies and associated areas of interest such as networking, storage and security. In two days packed with talks, workshops and discussions, ContainerSched will explore technologies like Docker, rkt, Mesos (and frameworks), Kubernetes, AWS ECS, OpenStack (Magnum), Cloud Foundry (Warden), OpenShift/fabric8, Borg/Omega inspired work, overlay networks (Weave, Flannel), L3 networking (Project Calico), storage (Flocker et al).

Nov 19th: Docker Meetup at Projectplace International AB – Stockholm, Sweden
Transformation from Windows to Docker, with zero downtime presented by Stefan Wold, Projectplace. Projectplace will share their success story about migrating from windows to docker without the need of a service maintenance window, and how docker and continuous delivery had a key role in its success.

Nov 19th: ContainerSched – London, United Kingdom

Nov 19th: Docker Meetup at TakeAway – Enschede, Netherlands
Service Location & Secret Storage with Consul & Vault by TakeAway

Nov 20th: Dutch Docker Day – Amsterdam, Netherlands
Join us for Dutch Docker Day — fast-paced talks, a variety of workshops and interactive sessions. You will go home with many practical takeaways.

Nov 20th: Devops-DDAY – Marseille, France
Join Docker at Devops-DDAY. A conference proposed by Treeptik and its partners. A whole day of exchanges with the artisans that create the ecosystem every day DevOps. A conference in a prestigious place that welcomes prestigious conferences.

Nov 24th: Docker Meetup at Hewlett-Packard – Galway, Ireland
Docker Swarm (with Docker Machine recap). Some beginner Docker best practices, tips & tricks. Guest Speaker Colm Hally, DevOps Engineer @ AltoCloud

Nov 25th: Docker Meetup at Metail – Cambridge, United Kingdom
Lots of people ask about security and Docker. Are containers secure? Are they suitable for my applications? In this talk Justin Cormack will look at the security features in place in Docker, threat models, and container and image security. and how this affects your applications.

Nov 26th: Docker Meetup at KPN – Amsterdam, Netherlands
Carlos Leon – Software Engineer @ Container Solutions – rkt as an alternative to Docker? Alessandro Vozza – Openshift: Containers for the rest of us. Pavel Chunyayev – How containers make achieving CD easier and why they are not enough to create a successful CD process



Nov 13th: Docker Meetup at Cairo University, Computers and Information faculty – Cairo, Egypt
Docker and BigData. Docker containers are an ideal platform for the Big Data analytics use case because of their unique security and performance advantages. Big Data work loads typically use distributed file systems to provide shared access to both input and output data sets. In this session , we will talk about Docker Best Practices and it’s benefits in bigdata field.


North & South America

Nov 4th: Docker Meetup at Gilt – New York, NY
All about the Network: VMWare + Cisco + Docker

Nov 4th: Docker in Development – URUG Monthly Meetup – Salt Lake City, UT
Drew Bowman will be teaching us about using Docker to compose an environment for development. We’ll walkthrough Docker basics and have some time to experiment with Docker, so bring your laptops! If you’re new to Docker, come out and learn how containers can help you!

Nov 4th: Docker Containers on AWS, Over The Air & Industrial Internet – Pleasanton, CA
Join us for our November meetup with three awesome speakers who will focus on the Internet of Things and more. Chris Matthieu, Director IoT at Citrix: “How Octoblu’s IoT platform is using Docker in AWS to manage micro services and user automation flows.” Shashank Jain, SAP Labs: “Docker Containers OTA for IoT.” Vineet Banga, GE: “Industrial Internet.”

Nov 4th: Docker Boston at VMTurbo – Boston, MA
Docker Hack Night!

Nov 5th: Docker Meetup at Sparefoot – Austin, TX
Steve Woodruff is an innovator in the DevOps field where he applies his expertise in Continuous Integration & Deployment to create environments where developers can write, commit, test and deploy code in a safe and rapid fashion. Using SaltStack pillars, Steve developed a method of injecting salt pillar data into builds to dynamically create docker-compose files in order to support concurrent deployments to multiple environments, as well as rapid rollback capabilities for our micro services team.

Nov 7th: Gobridge is organizing a Docker workshop! – San Francisco, CA
This will be a one-day workshop to learn about Docker and containers. No prior knowledge of Docker is required. However, since Docker is a platform to develop applications, this workshop is primarily geared towards developers; and more specifically, developers of web applications.

Nov 8th: Docker at USENIX LISA 15 – Washington, DC

Nov 10th: Docker Meetup at Disney – Seattle, WA
Ramesh Parameswaran, Founder and CEO of WinDocks, will present on WinDocks, early performance results, and specific use-cases for .NET and SQL development, as well as some comparisons to Microsoft’s design for Windows Server 2016. Denis Gladkikh, Technical lead at Splunk, will talk about the ways Docker and Splunk Enterprise / Light can work together. This includes recently merged Splunk logging.

Nov 11th: Dev Tool Triple Threat: Using git, Docker, and VVV with WordPress – Burlington, VT
This November we are proud to present a triple-talk on professional-grade developer tools. At this Josh Lee, Joshua Burke, and Payton Swick will present on: Vagrant/VVV (Varying Vagrant Vagrants), Docker and git. Using Docker to separate your application requirements from your server requirements and escape configuration insanity. Today’s web application developers are expected to understand the needs of their application and be able to develop them in an environment identical to production.

Nov 11th: Docker Meetup at YikYak – Atlanta, GA
Distributing computing resources is only part of the problem. With the Container movement, managing persistent data is an increasingly important consideration of system engineering. Many new technologies work in tandem with your new container-oriented cluster. This talk will introduce some of the options for effectively managing persistent data, with insights for practical implementation for architects, developers, and devops.

Nov 12th: FutureStack: Containers in Production – Crazy? Awesome? or Crazy Awesome! – San Francisco, CA
Hear Banjot Chanana, Senior Director Enterprise Product Management at Docker, speak on a panel at FutureStack: Containers in Production – Crazy? Awesome? or Crazy Awesome! Due to the rising popularity of containers, their pervasiveness shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone by now. Startups are using containers, Enterprises are using containers, even your Mom has asked about Containers. They are the new hotness, and you may have already played with them in dev, but what considerations should you have when you think about using them in production?

Nov 17th: Docker Meetup – PaaS and Containerization Lessons Learned from the US Courts – Henrico, VA
Please join us for the next Docker Richmond Meetup where Luke Adams and Carl Mosca will share their experience building a proof of concept for the Administrative Office for the US Court using OpenShift v3 and Docker.

Nov 19th: Docker Meetup in Córdoba – Córdoba, Argentina
En esta oportunidad, vamos a atener una vez mas a oradores de lujo viniendo de Red Hat Argentina. La idea es hacer algún par de charlas como venimos haciendo (pocos slides, demos y cerveza por supuesto!)

Nov 24th: Docker Meetup at Paragus IT – Hadley, MA

Nov 26th: Docker Meetup at Medallia – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Nos encontraremos nuevamente en las oficinas de Medallia para seguir compartiendo experiencias sobre cómo usar Docker para resolver diversos problemas en nuestras vidas diarias desarrollando software de manera agil.



Nov 15th: Docker Meetup at Allies Interactive – Kanpur, India
Introduction to Docker and a hands on session.

Nov 25th: Docker Meetup at Kenshoo – Tel Aviv, Israel
This talk aims to give a good overview of what Docker is, how it works, current status, how it can be used and most importantly – where it should(nt) be used. We will cover basic Docker architecture, Docker motivation, Docker clusters overview, Docker in AWS/GCE, Docker pros & cons, and misc – service discovery, logs, plugins, etc as time permits. Our speaker is Avishai Ish-Shalom, a veteran ops and a survivor of many prod skirmishes. Currently masquerading as the CTO of Fewbytes – a consulting company for Ops and architecture.



Nov 9th: Docker Meetup in Wellington – Wellington, New Zealand
Kubernetes all the things! The next meetup will have talks by Mike Hepburn of Redhat and Travis Holton of Iwantmyname.

Nov 17th: Docker Meetup at Odecee – Melbourne, Australia
Ash McKenzie – Senior Devops Engineer – Zendesk

Docker and related technologies have been on the engineering roadmap at Zendesk for a long time.  Questions like “Hey, when are the Docker build nodes going to be ready?” or “Hey, I have a fully tricked out Dockerfile that I’m using for development, how hard can it be to install it in production?” are heard almost daily.  Turns out setting up and running Docker in production is not as straightforward as you might think.

In this presentation Ash will cover the reasons behind Zendesk investing time and effort into Docker (and related technologies), our experiences so far, where we’re at currently and what the future might hold.

Nov 17th: Docker Meetup at Freelancer.com – Sydney, Australia
Our local Sydney Docker Hack Champions and Global Runners Up, Dejan Golja and David Howden, will be presenting their Winning Hack! Next Danny Elmarji, Head of ANZ Product Engineering at EMC, will discuss how EMC is embracing Docker internally and using it to develop its next generation storage platforms as well as hear how EMC is working with the Open Container Initiative to support the adoption of Docker Containers in the Enterprise. Then Greg Markey, Systems Engineer at Optiver, introduces Kubernetes and Ruben Rubio Rey, CTO at manageacloud, presents tools and techniques to perform blue-green deployment using containers. Finally, Simon Campbell, Solutions Engineer at SumoLogic will discuss monitoring Docker infrastructure.


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