Victor Coisne

DockerCon EU 2015: Watch the Day 2 General Session

Day 2 of DockerCon EU 2015 started off with a lot of exciting announcements! The general session included live demos of several new Docker products and features including Docker Universal Control Plane and Project Nautilus. Watch the video of the general session from Day 2 at DockerCon EU 2015 below.

Victor Coisne

DockerCon EU 2015: Catch Up on All of the Day 2 News!

We cannot contain our excitement about DockerCon EU 2015! With over 1500 attendees, 80 speakers and 60 sponsors, these past few days were packed with great Docker content from the global Docker community – don’t worry, we’ll post all of the slides and videos from each session at the conference soon. Below are some of our favorite news, tweets and other stories from Day 2 of DockerCon EU 2015:

Mano Marks

Moby’s Cool Hacks from DockerCon EU 2015: Container Migration Tool

Back in September, one of the winning teams from Docker Global Hack Day stood out for us. The Container Migration team, drawing inspiration from a DockerCon team that migrated a Quake 3 container around the world, showed migrating a container while maintaining a TCP connection.

Gaetan de Villele

A New UI for Docker? Visualizing Container Management with Minecraft

Since at least 1999, system administrators have been looking for ways to make Ops a more visual, exciting environment. As recently as April, dockerdoomd showed us how to kill containers using Doom as a Docker Engine user interface. In today’s world, we wanted to focus more on building. Minecraft has emerged as the sandbox game of the decade, so we chose to use that as our visual interface to Docker. Based on the customizable, scriptable Minecraft server, cuberite, we built our interface based around the metaphor of shipping containers and showed the Minecraft demo at DockerCon EU 2015.

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Victor Coisne

DockerCon EU 2015: Watch the Day 1 General Session

Day 1 of DockerCon EU 2015 was awesome! The day started with an action-packed general session including exciting Docker announcements with live demos (the demo gods were pleased!) and attendees hacking hardware using Docker and littleBits. Watch the video and check out the slides from Day 1 general session at DockerCon EU 2015 below.

Banjot Chanana

DockerCon EU 2015: Docker Trusted Registry 1.4 with Integrated Content Trust and Universal Control Plane

What an exciting Second Day! Just when you thought you couldn’t get enough of Docker, Docker, Docker…we’ve added more! In today’s keynote, we talked about some amazing products – from Project Nautilus, the new image scanning and vulnerability detection service for Official Repos on Docker Hub, to the upgrades to Docker Hub Auto Build service to how to use these together with Tutum for an end-to-end Containers as a Service platform, all available in the cloud today. And for those that need on-premise control of their own destiny we have a new release of Docker Trusted Registry that integrates Docker Content Trust, for image signing, integrity and authenticity.

Trisha McCanna

Docker Subscription on AWS Now Available in Europe

Docker Trusted Registry and Docker Engine with Business Day Support are now available in Amazon Web Services (AWS) European regions allowing customers to build, ship and run distributed applications. Announced today at DockerCon Europe, Docker Subscription for AWS has expanded its availability beyond the AWS US regions to now include AWS’s EU regions. Docker Subscription for AWS is available on demand through the AWS Marketplace with 30 day free trial, hourly and annual subscription options.

Victor Coisne

DockerCon EU 2015: Catch Up on All of the Day 1 News!

¡Que día mas increíble! With over 1500 attendees at DockerCon EU 2015, today was an awesome day of Docker learning, meeting the global Docker community, and more! Don’t miss tomorrow’s Docker news by watching the livestream of each general session. Below are some of our favorite news, tweets and other stories from Day 1 of DockerCon EU 2015: