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DockerCon EU 2015: More Speakers Announced

Victor Coisne

dceu15_logoIt’s been a busy few weeks as we finalize the agenda for DockerCon EU 2015! Today’s round of speakers include four sessions in the Use Case and Wild Card tracks that the Docker team is super excited to announce.

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On Monday, we announced four more confirmed talks from speakers who submitted via the CFP process for DockerCon EU 2015 including:

• Finding a Theory of the Universe with Docker and Volunteer Computers with Marius Millea, Lagrange Fellow at Institut Lagrange de Paris

• The missing piece : when Docker networking finally unleashes software architecture 2.0 with Adrien Blind, DevOps Coach at Société Générale and Laurent Grangeau, Solution Architect and DevOps Coach at Finaxys

• Shipping Manifests, Bill of Lading and Docker – Metadata for Containers with Gareth Rushgrove, Engineer at Puppet Labs

• Persistent, “stateful”services with docker clusters, namespaces and docker volume magic with Michael Neale, Co-founder, Head of Cloud and Architect at Cloudbees

Today, we are announcing the third round of speakers selected via the CFP process in the Wild Card and Use Case tracks. Read more about these four sessions below.


In the Use Case track:

It’s in the game: The path to micro-services at Electronic Arts with Docker

01f64dawith Andrew Hately, CTO Cloud Architecture at IBM and Scott Porter, Senior Developer at Electronic Arts


Learn how Docker can be used to achieve near bare-metal performance and a scale-out architecture that enables game backends to scale and stay responsive during load spikes. Game popularity can change with every feature and content pack release, and IBM and Electronic Arts have transitioned a mobile game engine to leverage Docker to enable rapid rollouts while handling more game users. In this session you’ll learn design tips from the development of this next-gen gaming platform in an industry where user loyalty and performance are everything. Docker packaging of the game services is enabling a transition to a more flexible, micro-service based architecture, and this session will discuss the development lessons learned during that transition as well as the transition to using Docker in production.


Swarming Spark applications

with Daniele Venzano, Research Engineer at EURECOM

We built Zoe, an open source user-facing service that ties together Spark, a data-intensive framework for big data computation, and Swarm, the Docker clustering system. It targets data scientists who need to run their data analysis applications without having to worry about systems details. Zoe can execute long running Spark jobs, but also Scala or iPython interactive notebooks and streaming applications, covering the full Spark development cycle. When a computation is finished, resources are automatically freed and available for other uses, since all processes are run in Docker containers.

In this talk we are going to present why Zoe, the Container Analytics as a Service, was born, its architecture and the problems it tries to solve. Zoe would not be there without Swarm and Docker and we will also talk about some of the stumbling blocks we encountered and the solutions we found, in particular in transparently connecting Docker hosts through a physical network. Zoe was born as a research prototype, but is now stable and is currently being used to run real jobs from users in our research institution. Application scheduling on top of Swarm and optimized container placement will also be covered during the presentation.


Salamander, Using Docker with NoSQL get out

with Manuel Eusebio de Paz Carmona, Software Architect, BEEVA (a BBVA Company)


Understanding internal operations is crucial in financial services. Are public interfaces running smoothly? Are the back-end business systems as productive as they could be? Are infrastructure resources being allocated correctly based on business need? These are exactly the kind of questions that organizations must be able to answer but, surprisingly, they struggle with these questions. Called The Salamander, the tool has provided the bank an unparalleled ability to optimise and simplify business IT processes, which ultimately saves costs and leads to an improved customer experience. The Salamander team designed a solution running on a cloud computing architecture with several NoSQL solutions as Neo4J, MongoDB, REDIS,…. With these repositories they generate data visualisations that clearly demonstrate the relationship between among operations. The front-end and back-end of the application communicate via RESTFUL APIs and NodeJS-based servers provide elasticity when accessing the stored data. The new challenges are related with the need of load and use specific result sets stored and useful to diagnosis but not for immediate reading. At this point appears Docker appears as a solution to offer fast and easy custom database service.


In the Wild Card track:


Stop Being Lazy And Test Your Software!

with Laura Frank, Engineer at Codeship


This talk will cover some of the ways that Docker improves developer productivity and autonomy, but also include suggestions on how to structure code contribution cycles, expectations for training and onboarding to a new workflow, and tips on how to manage a Dockerized dev workflow for other areas of the software lifecycle (QA and design).



Official Docker Training at DockerCon EU 2015

Looking to learn even more about Docker? Join us for the official Docker training on Wednesday November 18th right after DockerCon EU 2015 for DockerCon attendees who want to become Docker experts. Through instructor-led discussion and interactive, hands-on exercises, participants will understand the more advanced topics required to deploy Docker in Production. Learn more about the training here and register soon before we sell out our spots!


DockerCon EU 2015 Sponsors

Muchas gracias to all of the awesome sponsors who are helping support DockerCon EU 2015! Each of you are helping us in numerous ways to bring DockerCon to life. Be sure to chat with each sponsor during the conference to find out how they contribute to the ever-growing Docker ecosystem.

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