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DockerCon EU 2015: Final Round of Speakers and Agenda is Live!

Victor Coisne

dceu15_logo¡Hola mundo! The conference agenda for DockerCon EU 2015 is now online!

This round of speakers includes more sessions in the Use Case, Wild Card and Lightning Talk tracks!

If you are planning on joining us at DockerCon EU 2015register now because DockerCon EU 2015 will sell out early just like the previous editions! With only 33 days left till the conference, now is the time to claim your conference pass.

Yesterday, we announced four more confirmed talks from speakers who submitted via the CFP process for DockerCon EU 2015 including:

• It’s in the game: The path to micro-services at Electronic Arts with Docker with Andrew Hately, CTO Cloud Architecture at IBM and Scott Porter, Senior Developer at Electronic Arts

• Swarming Spark applications with Daniele Venzano, Research Engineer at EURECOM

Salamander, Using Docker with NoSQL get out with Manuel Eusebio de Paz Carmona, Software Architect, BEEVA (a BBVA Company)

Stop Being Lazy And Test Your Software! with Laura Frank, Engineer at Codeship

Check out the agenda for DockerCon EU 2015 and read more about these sessions below.


In the Wild Card track:

Docker & PCI-DSS – Lessons learned about introducing Docker in an security sensitive environment

with Udo Seidel, Architecture & Technical Governance at Amadeus

In the recent past there were quite some discussions about security in the context of introducing or using Docker. It is true that there are some gaps to be closed but the whole story does not start from square one either. At Amadeus we are using Docker to build our future-oriented services and to introduce devops culture. Due to the nature of our business we have to deal with Security certifications like PCI-DSS, SSAE 16 and ISO 27001. This talks described the challenges we were facing in that context and how we mastered them. The story has technical and non-technical aspects.


Containing IoT sensor telemetry

portrait-canonicalwith Michael Schloh von Bennewitz, Computer Scientist at Europalab Networks and Samuel Cozannet, Strategic Program Manager at Canonical Ltd.

In this hour we consider benefits of interfacing docker with IoT systems using sensor telemetry and actuator telecommand technology. IoT has come a long way by embracing web interfaces like JavaScript and NodeJS, but lacks good packaging and container abstraction allowing for portability across hardware platforms. We bridge this inadequacy by introducing Docker and IoT to each other. A rough outline includes:

– Interfacing with common IoT services
– Integrating IoT devices with the cloud
– Deploying containers to IoT devices
– IoT single purpose services
– Hardware isolation
– Portability across Intel, ARM, and Atmel

We will illustrate concepts in question with frequent live coding and demonstrations using the mobile IoT lab and finish the session with a fun and relevant three minute Hollywood clip.


In the Use Case track:

Using Docker and SDN for telco application development and deployment

with Nico Janssens, Researcher at Alcatel-Lucent and Florian Otel, EMEA Director for Business Development and Strategy, Nuage Networks

In this talk we will present how at Bell-Labs (Alcatel-Lucent R&D division) we benefit from using Docker in combination with the SDN solution from Nuage Networks for development and deployment of a next-gen chat-based communication platform. This communication platform does intensive data analytics, runs a number of multi-media services and can control remote appliances (e.g. thermostats, robots, cameras, etc). We will illustrate the stringent telco requirements to successfully operate such a communication platform, including some non-functional needs like high-availability, reliability, elasticity, QoS and lifecycle management. Furthermore, we will explain why we selected docker as a hosting platform and how we have utilized it. We will also share some of the deployment scenarios we are facing and how these are addressed by combining Docker and Nuage VSP. Lastly, we will share the lessons we have learned during this development process, and propose some improvements/extensions for Docker to evolve into an application stack that is able to meet the stringent needs of telco applications.


Placing a container on a train at 200 mph

profile-2014 (1)with Casper Svenning Jensen, Software Engineer at Uber

At Uber, we’ve been introducing Docker to give service owners more control over their environments. However, everything at Uber is moving very fast so we have had to do it a way such that Docker fitted into the existing infrastructure and services could be migrated seamlessly to Docker without any service interruptions. In this talk we will talk about the challenges we faced while doing this, such as handling both non-Docker and Docker builds, image replication, integration with our deployment systems and other challenges when deploying Docker at scale.


In the Lightning Talk track:

Containerize your developer experience

with Francesc Campoy, Developer Advocate at Google

This talk covers a range of situations where containers can improve the developer experience by providing a repeatable and consistent environment.

This includes from how to help your users become your contributors, to how to install tools in your machine without really installing anything, or how containers can be the killer tool for the polyglot programmer.

The goal is to give an overview of the techniques that power these use cases and to inspire the audience to improve their communities by leveraging the power of Docker.


Full Stack Testing using Docker Compose and Gradle

2552c01with Ernst Naezer, DevOps Engineer at ING, and Quinten Krijger, Development Engineer at ING

At ING we build financial scenario planning software. Using Docker and Docker Compose we develop, test and host our application consisting of multiple containers.

This talk focuses on how we test our software stack. We use Docker Compose to inject components that stub services or simulate infrastructure failures. We developed and open sourced a Gradle plugin to take care of the heavy lifting, allowing us to test the images using either unit tests defined in code or by a dedicated test image.

The shown techniques fully support the agile process, by giving instant feedback on the features under simultaneous development against the entire application stack. We are now confident when merging a feature to master.



Official Docker Training at DockerCon EU 2015

Looking to learn even more about Docker? Join us for the official Docker training on Wednesday November 18th right after DockerCon EU 2015 for DockerCon attendees who want to become Docker experts. Through instructor-led discussion and interactive, hands-on exercises, participants will understand the more advanced topics required to deploy Docker in Production. Learn more about the training here and register soon before we sell out our spots!


DockerCon EU 2015 Sponsors

Muchas gracias to all of the awesome sponsors who are helping support DockerCon EU 2015! Each of you are helping us in numerous ways to bring DockerCon to life. Be sure to chat with each sponsor during the conference to find out how they contribute to the ever-growing Docker ecosystem.

If you are interested in having your company become a sponsor of DockerCon EU 2015, please email


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