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Docker Hub Deprecation for Clients 1.5 and Earlier

Last spring Docker released Engine version 1.6 and Registry version 2. These introduced an updated push / pull protocol featuring faster image transfers, simplified image definition, and improved security.

The Docker community has aggressively adopted them, and as a result over 99% of Docker Hub usage is based on these newer version. As a result we are deprecating support on Docker Hub for clients version 1.5 and earlier.

• On November 19, 2015 Docker clients version 1.5 and earlier will not be able to push images to Docker Hub. They will still be able to pull images. And of course the repositories are fully accessible via newer versions of the Docker client.

• On December 7, 2015, pulls via clients 1.5 and earlier will be disabled. Only version 1.6 or later will be supported.

Handling this migration is simple: all that you need to do is upgrade your Docker client to version 1.6 or later.

Please be sure to upgrade any clients that are pushing or pulling from your repository including those on development machines, production servers, or CI machine.



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Matt Soldo

Docker Hub Deprecation for Clients 1.5 and Earlier

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