Victor Coisne

DockerCon Europe CFP summary and 2nd round of Black Belt speakers!

Victor Coisne

The CFP for DockerCon Europe 2015 closed last week, and we were blown away by the quantity and quality of the submissions.

Thank you to the 303 individuals who submitted talks – it’s going to be mighty difficult for the DockerCon Committee (composed of community members and Docker, Inc. employees) to select the talks to be presented at DockerCon EU 2015!

Check out this infographic that summarizes the major stats from this year’s DockerCon EU CFP submissions.


We really wish that we could accept more talks but unfortunately, this is not possible given the amount of time we have on the agenda. We will start sending notification of acceptance and refusal next week. Continue to check this blog for more updates as we announce more speaking sessions for DockerCon EU 2015!

In case you missed it last Monday, we launched the DockerCon Europe website and announced the first batch of speakers for our newly created Black Belt Track featuring Uber’s Andrey Sibiryov, SalesforceIQ’s John Fiedler and our very own Jessie Frazelle. 

Today, we are super excited to share with you the second batch of speakers for that same Black Belt Track. Check out these three additional sessions below and stay tuned for the final round of Black Belt talks to be announced next week:

Experiences with AWS immutable deploys and job processing

By Kevin O’Riordan, Senior Software Engineer at Gilt


How Docker is used at Gilt: At Gilt we use Docker primarily as a unit of immutability and to allow a standard way of deploying all kinds of software as opposed to its container properties.
Why Gilt built Ionroller: An overview of the problems we tried to solve with Ionroller and immutable deploys. Pitfalls we’ve encountered with immutable deployments since Ionroller saw adoption in Gilt. Will cover issues such as DNS traffic migration, utilisation of resources ELBs not warmed up properly, Elasticbeanstalk using Nginx as proxy etc. Our experiences with Cloudformation and Codedeploy as an alternative to Ionroller and Elasticbeanstalk.
Jobs: How we used to do batch jobs. Solutions we considered such as Mesos and Chronos. An overview of Sundial, an in house solution we built in the last few months and hope to open source for running containerized Docker jobs on Amazon ECS and why we chose it as our preferred solution.

Windows Server Containers – How we got here and architecture deep dive

By Arnaud Porterie, Senior Engineering Manager at Docker, Inc and John Starks, Senior Development Lead at Microsoft


Porting Docker for Windows is no small feat.  The technology behind Docker today takes advantage of Linux capabilities like namespaces and cgroups.  For native containers to exist on Windows and to have a Docker Engine for Windows, first similar primitives needed to be developed into the Windows operating system.  In this session we will explain these Windows primitives in relation to similar primitives in Linux and other architectural changes on the OS and Engine side to make containerization possible.  The process of porting includes not only the technology but also open source community interactions and cultural changes to enable this development.  And of course there will be a cool demo…


Cgroups, namespaces, and beyond: what are containers made from?

By Jérôme Petazzoni, Tinkerer Extraordinaire at Docker, Inc


Linux containers are different from Solaris Zones or BSD Jails: they use discrete kernel features like cgroups, namespaces, SELinux, and more. We will describe those mechanisms in depth, as well as demo how to put them together to produce a container. We will also highlight how different container runtimes compare to each other.






There will be one day of official Docker training on Wednesday November 18th for DockerCon attendees who want to become Docker experts. Through instructor-led discussion and interactive, hands-on exercises, participants will understand the more advanced topics required to deploy Docker in Production. Learn more here and get your tickets soon before they sell out!



Big thank you to all of our wonderful sponsors who have signed up so far! Each of you are helping us in numerous ways to bring DockerCon to life. Be sure to chat with each sponsor during the conference to find out how they contribute to the ever-growing Docker ecosystem.

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