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Get Docker on Demand for Amazon Web Services

aws+dockerDocker Trusted Registry, Docker Engine and Business Day Support available for a free 30 day trial to build, ship and run distributed applications in Amazon Web Services.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a popular place for companies of all sizes to run their test farms and production clusters. Many of the world’s most popular websites like Yelp, Gilt and Spotify run at scale on AWS using Docker.  

We started simplifying the developer workflow earlier this year with an AWS driver for Docker Machine to automate the provisioning of AWS instances and deploying Docker Engine with the single command ‘machine create’. At DockerCon, we added Docker Trusted Registry AMI on the AWS Marketplace to allow development teams to store, manage and collaborate on their Docker images with a registry service deployable in your AWS VPC, and today we take that a step further…

We are excited to announce an integrated AWS “Docker on Demand” environment.  This means that the entire supported Docker Solution; Docker Trusted Registry, Docker Engine with Business Day Support (12 hour coverage) are available as “pay as you go” AMIs on the AWS Marketplace. Everything works through the AWS account you already have — to save you extra steps and time. You simply go to the marketplace listings, launch the AMIs and setup Docker Trusted Registry to your organization from authentication, storage to security certificates.  

Docker Trusted Registry provides you the ability to deploy a registry service on your AWS VPC to store and distribute your Docker images with your team. Not only is the content hosted inside your network, but also, you can use a simple web admin UI to setup things like: setup S3 storage, integrate to Active Directory/LDAP for user authentication and apply security certificates. The commercially supported Docker Engines are the same Docker Engines you know and love from open source with an added layer of technical support and maintenance, enabling you to provide customers service level assurances on your applications.

How to deploy Docker Trusted Registry for AWS



How to deploy commercially supported Docker Engine for AWS


To get going you can either launch the AMIs yourself individually or use our Cloud Formation Template to further simplify the deployment of both elements.

Now as you write code on your laptop, run an integration test then push the successful, new image to Docker Trusted Registry to share with other teams and deploy to a Docker Engine on AWS. The Docker Trusted Registry and Docker Engine for AWS are available as a 30 day trial for the Docker portion, your AWS instance fees still apply.  

Here are some additional resources to help you get started:

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Mike Graboski

Get Docker on Demand for Amazon Web Services

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    Great.. I like the Amazon Web Services and gain many new things.

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    Many people use Amazon Web Services so this is a great news for the users of Docker. We hope to see great new offerings in future such as these which will be very helpful for many people.


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