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Docker Global Hack Day #3: How to Submit Hacks

Victor Coisne

globalhackday3 (1)Thank you to everyone who already submitted awesome Docker hacks for Docker Global Hack Day #3 – we’re super excited to see the final submissions!

Still looking for a project to join? Head to the Docker Global Hack Day #3 page for the list of Docker hack ideas looking for teammates! With only less than 72 hours left, make sure you contact the project owner now to join their team!

Remember: in order to be considered for the Docker Global Hack Day #3 prizes, hacks must be submitted via these short four steps:

Step 1

Fork the repository, and create a subdirectory titled with the name of your team.

Step 2

Start hacking on the best Docker project you can think of for a chance to win the Docker Global Hack Day #3!

Step 3

Once your hack is ready, submit a pull request to this repository before 9am PDT on Monday, September 21st. All files related to your hack should live inside your team’s subdirectory.

Step 4

Once you’ve submitted your Pull Request, go ahead and submit additional informations about your hackday project via this form to appear on the website and have people vote for you for a chance to win the global prize!


Voting for Local Edition Winners

A jury composed of Docker Engine core maintainers will vote for the local edition winners from each Meetup group that organized a local edition of the Docker Global Hack Day.

Each submitted hack will be judged based on the following criteria:

1) Novelty: Has anyone ever done this using Docker before?

2) Fit: Does Docker improve the project or fundamentally enable it?

3) Efficiency: Is this implementation small in size, easy to transport, quick to start up and run? Higher scores for more functionality in smaller images and faster start times.

4) Integration: Does the project fit well into other systems, or is it sufficiently complex itself to be its own system? More (useful) interconnection gets more points.

5) Transparency: Can other people easily recreate your project now that you’ve shown how?  Is your code open source?

6) Usefulness: Will other Docker hackers use this in future projects?

7) Longevity: Can the project be improved / built upon?


Prizes for Local Edition Winners

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 6.07.42 PMEach member of the winning local edition team will win a special edition Docker baseball shirt.

For each local edition, there will be only one winning team.



Voting for Global Edition Winners

This page will display all of the submitted hacks projects for the community to vote for the global winner in each category. Note that Local Docker Meetup winners will be featured on this page but all submitted hacks will be included.

Voting will be done through social networks – only votes cast on this page will count towards the Global Edition contest.


Prizes for Global Edition Winners

For the global competition, we will award prizes to the top three teams in each category.


First Place:

Each member of the three Global Docker Hack Day winning teams (one for each category) will receive a complimentary pass to attend DockerCon Europe, accommodations during the conference and a lightning talk at the conference to present their winning hack!


Second Place:

Each member of the three second place Global Docker Hack Day teams (one for each category) will receive a limited edition Docker hoodie.


Third Place:

Each member of the three third place Global Docker Hack Day teams (one for each category) will receive a Docker-customized Tile.


Rules for Submitted Hacks

As a team of 1-3 hackers, you will hack on a project using Docker or its infrastructure plumbing (runC, Notary) as a central piece. You will have exactly from 4pm PDT on Wednesday, September 16th to 9am PDT on Monday, September 21st to complete this project. This window includes the time to create all materials needed for your submission.

Although it is not allowed to start your project before 4pm PDT on Wednesday, September 16th, we strongly encourage everyone to think about project ideas in advance. We will build a page with all the project ideas for everyone to see what ideas have already been submitted and help participants form teams.

Everyone will submit projects in one of three categories listed below:

1) Docker Plugins

2) Docker Plumbing – runC, Notary, etc

3) Docker Freestyle – must use features from the latest Docker releases including Engine and other Docker OSS projects


Dockerize your mobile phone

Download this special #dockerhackday background screen from the one and only Laurel, the super talented illustrator who helps bring Moby Dock and all of his friends to life!



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