Victor Coisne

We Had a Whale of a Time at LinuxCon and ContainerCon!

Victor Coisne

Docker and the Docker team made quite a splash in Seattle last week at LinuxConContainerCon and all of the other co-located events!


Below are some of the Docker team’s favorite memories from the week.


Sunday, August 16

[Meetup] An Evening with Containers



Monday, August 17

[Keynote] Full Sail Ahead: What’s Next For Container Technology – Marianna Tessel, SVP Engineering at Docker



[ContainerCon] Libcontainer: One Lib to Rule Them All – Andrew Vagin, OpenVZ



[ContainerCon] Anatomy of a Container: Namespaces, cgroups & Some Filesystem Magic – Jerome Petazzoni, Docker



[ContainerCon] Containerizing your Desktop – Jessica Frazelle



Tuesday, August 18

[LinuxCon] How to Contribute to Large Open Source Projects – Arnaud Portrerie, Docker & Jerome Petazzoni, Docker



[ContainerCon] Docker, Containers & Security: State of the Union – Jerome Petazzoni, Docker


[ContainerCon] The Dark Art of Container Monitoring – Loris Degioanni, Sysdig

[ContainerCon] A Brief History of Containers – Kirill Kolyshkin, Odin



[CloudOpen] Virtualization & Cloud Developer Panel – Paolo Bonzini, Red Hat; Glauber Costa; Jérôme Petazzoni, Docker; Stefano Stabellini, Citrix; Russell Bryant, Red Hat (Moderator)



[Meetup] Docker Meetup #9: Developer Driven Infra, Namespaces, Security, Notary and more!



[ContainerCon] Rooting out Root: User Namespaces in Docker – Phil Estes, IBM




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