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Build It Better: Five Tips to Develop a Killer DockerCon Europe 2015 Proposal

Victor Coisne

Have you finished your DockerCon Europe 2015 proposal yet?



The September 1st, 2015 deadline will be here before you know it—here are five tips to take your DockerCon Europe 2015 proposal to the next level.


1) Know your audience: understand who you are speaking to and why they should listen

There are two audiences to consider when submitting your conference proposal:

The DockerCon Conference attendee

Attendees at DockerCon are typically developers, Ops, ​DevOps, ​or Sysadmins—you’ll also see an array of technology partners and vendors on the conference floor.

Why DockerCon? Attendees come to learn more about:

• Knowledge they can apply to their jobs
• Best practices and lessons learned in the field
• Real implementation stories or detailed case studies
• Advanced technical sessions

The DockerCon Content Review Committee

An equal mix of Docker community members and Docker employees, these are the folks who vote and advise on submissions. They want to see session proposals that address the needs of the typical DockerCon EU conference attendee.


2) State your case: stand out with an interesting proposal

Now that you know your audience and what they are looking for in a proposal, you should check out previous DockerCon presentations.

The easiest way to grab the attention of the Review Committee is to select a unique topic or use case that you’re knowledgeable about and will appeal to conference attendees. For even more attention, channel your inner geek, and submit an advanced technical speaking session. DockerCon attendees want more advanced, deep-dive technical sessions.


3) Support your proposal: define clear learning objectives

Make sure to capture what an attendee will gain out of joining your session. After someone attends your talk, how will they have improved their skill set? What will they have learned that they would not have been able to do before?


4) Strut your stuff: show off your speaking skills

If you’re a seasoned industry conference speaker help the Review Committee out by including links or videos to your past presentations. If you have speaker ratings available, now is not the time to be shy—share those, too! If you are a new conference speaker, don’t be intimidated by this requirement, if you have a great idea for a talk we want to hear about it.


5) Be thorough: complete all of the fields in the CFP submission process

It may sound obvious, but make sure to complete all of the fields in the CFP form. Taking the time to fill out all of the required information shows you are a serious and dedicated speaking candidate.

We look forward to receiving your DockerCon EU 2015 proposals by September 1st, 2015. Good luck writing them, and if we can be of assistance please reach out to us at!



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