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Docker Global Hack Day #3: Update on Local Editions, Prizes and More!

Victor Coisne

globalhackday3Join us for the next Docker Global Hack Day from Wednesday, September 16th through Monday, September 21st!

Submit Your Hack Ideas!


We are excited to announce first round of cities committed to participating in this global event along with the prizes for the winners! Scroll down to see the cities and prizes along with more information including the rules and categories for Docker Global Hack Day.

The prizes are pretty sweet! There is only one winning team for each local edition but with the global winners, we will award prizes to the top three teams in each category.

Prizes for Winners:

1) Local Docker Meetup winners 

A jury composed of Docker Engine core maintainers will vote for the local edition winners from each Meetup group that organized a local edition of the Docker Global Hack Day.

Each member of the winning local edition team will win a special edition Docker baseball shirt. We’ll share the design in the next update, but trust us, this is super cool Docker swag that only local edition winners will receive.

2) Global Docker Hack Day Winners

We will build a page with all projects and videos for the community to vote for the global winner in each category. Note that Local Docker Meetup winners will be featured on this page.

Voting will be done through social networks – stay tuned for an update on how this voting will work.

First Place:

Each member of the three Global Docker Hack Day winning teams (one for each category) will receive a complimentary pass to attend DockerCon Europe, accommodations during the conference and a lightning talk at the conference to present their winning hack!

Second Place:

Each member of the three second place Global Docker Hack Day teams (one for each category) will receive a limited edition Docker hoodie.

Third Place:

Each member of the three third place Global Docker Hack Day teams (one for each category) will receive a Docker-customized Tile.

Many more cities will be announced but you can already register for Docker Global Hack Day meetups in:

Can’t make the local meetup? Don’t worry: you can join us online for the livestream of the San Francisco edition through our Docker Online Meetup group.

The San Francisco edition will kickoff with talks by Marianna Tessel, SVP of Engineering at Docker along with other members of the core team, who will share some updates about new features included in the latest release of Docker and how they facilitate the creation and management of distributed applications. The talks and demo will be livestreamed and recorded, so that every Docker meetup group and Docker hacker participating will be able to learn about those new features and announcements.


As a team of 1-3 hackers, you will hack on a project using Docker or its infrastructure plumbing (runC, Notary) as a central piece. You will have exactly from 4pm PDT on Wednesday, September 16th to 9am PDT on Monday, September 21st to complete this project. This window includes the time to create all materials needed for your submission.

Although it is not allowed to start your project before 4pm PDT on Wednesday, September 16th, we strongly encourage everyone to think about project ideas in advance. We will build a page with all the project ideas for everyone to see what ideas have already been submitted and help participants form teams.

Everyone will submit projects in one of three categories listed below:

1) Docker Plugins
2) Docker Plumbing – runC, Notary, etc
3) Docker Freestyle – must use features from Docker 1.7 and above.

Submit Your Hack Ideas:

You will be able to submit your hack ideas through this form with the following information:

• Hack Title
• Brief abstract (50-100 word description)
• Hacker Name
• Best way to contact project lead
• URL describing the project idea
• How can other people help you?

The Docker community will then vote on the best hack in each category in two different ways.





Connect with the Docker hackers from around the world!

During the day the Docker team and the Docker community will be on IRC helping you hack your project or answering questions about Docker. The official back channel for this event on IRC is #docker.

The official hashtag for the event on Twitter is #dockerhackday. Everybody will tweet using this hashtag. You can also follow us on Twitter to receive news real-time during the day.


og1swStay tuned for upcoming updates including prizes, local editions and the hack idea page!

And get ready to contain all the things in September!





If you have any question about the Docker Global Hack Day #3, please email us or ping us on Twitter.




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