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Your Docker Agenda in July

Steven Chen

DockerCon 2015 Europe may be a few months away but there are plenty of Docker events and meetups coming up this month near you!

Join your local (or online) Docker community to hear firsthand about cool Docker hacks and learn more about the latest Docker news.


From meetup presentations to conference talks, check out our list below of the Docker events coming up in July:



July 16th: Docker Talk Online with Raziel Tabib – Online

In this session, we will start with building a simple express microservice. We will then create a Docker image for the service using both a Docker file as well as the command line. Lastly we will push our image to Docker Hub.


North America

July 7th: Docker Meetup at CenturyLink Downtown – Minneapolis, MN

John Willis, a technical evangelist from Docker, will be speaking about the past, present and future of Docker Networking. You don’t want to miss it!

July 8th: Docker Meetup at Projective Space – New York, NY

Aaron Huslage of Docker will be in town for AWS:Summit and has reserved Wednesday evening to meet all of you and share DockerCon stories. He will present along with Matt Williams of Datadog and Pierre Steckmeyer of Amazon. See you at Projective Space!

July 9th: Docker Talk at Boston Security Meetup – Boston, MA

Taking place at the Google office in Cambridge, Docker will be a topic of discussion centralizing security.

July 14th: Docker Meetup at Rackspace – Austin, TX

This month for Docker 101, Boyd Hemphill of StackEngine will be exploring the building of a container image around a legacy Java application (the Minecraft server).

July 15th: Docker Meetup at Tire Intelligence – Charlotte, NC

Meet other Dockers in this area while picking up some Docker Swag (t – shirts and stickers)

July 15th: Docker Meetup at The Innevation Center – Las Vegas, NV

Fred George will share his experiences with Docker and go in depth about many aspects of his uses of Docker. Did we mention pizza and Docker Swag?!

July 16th: Docker Talk at ChicagoRuby – Chicago, IL

In this meetup, you can learn more about containerized Ruby applications with Docker. Always #containyourself!

July 20th: Docker Talk at OSCON – Portland, OR

An introduction to Docker, along with talks about using Docker to simplify systems. Also there will be a session with Docker’s Jessie Frazelle

July 22nd: Docker Meetup in Detroit – Detroit, MI

The inaugural Detroit-area Docker Meetup will take place on July 22nd! We’ll have an introduction to Docker for those new to its capabilities along with some examples of how local organizations are using Docker in production. After the presentations there will be ample time to chat, learn and hopefully walk away with some great new things to try.

July 22nd: Docker Meetup at Connectify – Philadelphia, PA

Join Casey Bisson at this meetup to learn more about Docker Networking, scaling, and security and the very different problems you may face on the cloud scale than on a laptop. What makes that transition so hard, and what can we do about it? How does this challenge affect hosting infrastructure and application design?


Latin America

July 16th: Docker Meetup at Medallia – Buenos Aires, Argentina

The group will meet again at the offices of Medallia to continue sharing experiences on how they use Docker to solve various problems in our daily lives most agile software development.

July 18th: Docker Meetup at Docker Friends – Mexico City, Mexico

In this session we will learn the basic commands of the Command Line Docker to work with containers Docker, such as: run, stop, start, attach, logs, ps, inspect.

July 20th: Docker Meetup at GophersMX – Mexico City, Mexico

This will be the 2nd meetup for this group. Join to network with fellow Dockers and learn more about Docker in general.



July 7th: Docker Meetup at Microsoft – Prague, Czech Republic

Network with fellow Dockers and listen to speakers from HP and RedHat which have deep Docker knowledge and can help you understand how Docker is working, why you would want use Docker.

July 7th: Docker Meetup at MentorMate HQ – Sofia, Bulgaria

DockerCon Recap, Docker in production, Docker Compose – Food and drinks provided!

July 8th: Docker Talk at Python Ireland – Dublin, Ireland

How to use pytest framework and docker to run automatic tests

July 8th: Docker Meetup at Central Foundation Boys School – London, UK

This talk will be focused around Docker in production. Get a glimpse of the future of containerized applications. Docker’s Director of Product Management Ben Firshman will be in attendance at this meetup.

July 9th: Docker Meetup in Blendle – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Join Jamie Dobson in a discussion about the definition of strategy in Microservices Strategies.

July 9th: Docker Meetup in Grenoble – Grenoble France

Recap on what attendees of DockerCon 2015 saw.

July 12th: Docker Talk at ISC15 -Frankfurt Germany

This year’s program at ISC15 consists of a whole range of unique topics and hand picked speakers. There is also a selection of research papers, posters, BoF sessions, tutorials and workshops, which were submitted by the HPC community. In addition, the conference offers a comprehensive industry program for users interested in commercial HPC applications.

July 15th: Docker Meetup in Dresden – Dresden, Germany

Join fellow Dockers from the community in Dresden for the first Docker Dresden Meetup. New features of the upcoming new Docker version V1.7 and maybe some exciting news from DockerCon will be the main topics of the first meeting.

July 16th: Docker Meetup at Codebase – Edinburgh,Scotland

Taking place at the codebase event space. Discussions will focus on recapping DockerCon 2015 along with using weave and Docker to develop faster.

July 16th: Docker Meetup in Marseille – Marseille, France

A cette occasion nous vous proposons d’assister aux talks suivants mais​ surtout,​ n’hésitez pas à ​poster des commentaires et proposer vos sujets si vous souhaitez intervenir sur un sujet​ en particulier, nous adapterons alors le programme!

July 22nd: Docker Meetup at NovaTec GmbH – Stuttgart, Germany

Participate in Docker Stuttgart’s first meetup. The organizers of the meetup will be NovaTec GmbH in Leinfelden-Echterdingen. In addition to the scheduled presentations there will also be plenty of time for networking, interesting discussions, exchange of ideas etc.

July 28th: Docker Talk at Norfolk Developers – Norwich, UK

This talk will focus on what microservices are and how developers can use Docker to build microservices.



July 4th: Docker Meetup at VMware Office – Bangalore, India

Introduction to Docker, DockerCon Report, Talk about DockerCon security, “Model Driven SDLC using Docker”, and “ops management” for containerized apps, comparing tools in Docker ecosystem for it

July 14th: Docker Meetup at Klarna – Tel Aviv, Israel

Using to build and manage the Docker lifecycle. Also how Quay makes it easier to migrate from Docker to rkt and other container technologies.


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