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Your Docker Agenda for OSCON

Heading to OSCON this year?


So are we! Below are our picks for the presentations not to miss at the conference. Click on the date below to jump ahead to the talks on a specific day or scroll down to see all of the talks we think you should attend!

Don’t forget to also attend our meetup at New Relic’s offices in Portland on Thursday night during OSCON featuring Jérôme Petazzoni of Docker and Kenny Bastani of Digital Insight!


Monday, July 20th
Tuesday, July 21st
Wednesday, July 22nd
Thursday, July 23rd


Monday, July 20th

9:00 am–12:30 pm

Linux bootcamp: From casual Linux user to kernel hacker with Tammy Butow (Digital Ocean), Georgi Knox (Bitly) and Jessie Frazelle (Docker)

This will be a hands-on workshop aimed at those who are casually familiar with the Linux operating system. Perhaps you use it on a server or in a virtualbox, but want to gain deeper understanding about the kernel and how Linux actually works. Read more


Docker 101: Introduction to Docker with Andrew Baker (Twilio)

Docker is an open source engine for running and deploying software applications. With all the buzz it has attracted, it can be hard to figure out exactly what Docker is and what it can do for you. Bring your laptops and your questions for a hands-on afternoon with Docker!

This tutorial will teach you the fundamentals of Docker, why it’s making waves, and how it might be a useful addition to your platform sooner than you think. Read more


8:00–9:00 pm

From Pets to Cattle to Bacteria: How Changing Servers Changes Development and Production with Tori Wieldt (New Relic)

We see a move of servers move from virtualization (cattle) to process separators (bacteria). What will the impact be to have servers that last only last as long a single process? At New Relic, we have customers monitoring Docker containers that last 5 minutes or less. How can organizations plan, develop and operate software in this environment? I’ll provide insights we gathered from our customers and from our own internal use of containers and short-lived servers. Read more


Tuesday, July 21st

9:00 am–12:30 pm

Container orchestration at scale with Steve Francia (Docker)

All applications are different, and deployment cannot be solved by a one-size-fits-all product. We want to cover many different scales, from modest web applications to giant behemoths spanning thousands of machines.

But first, what exactly is this thing we call “container orchestration?”

In this workshop, we will show multiple container orchestration products in action. We will also expose their pros and cons, and show how to integrate with network plumbing to achieve load balancing and high availability. When walking out of this lab, participants will no longer think that orchestration is a complex topic. Read more


4:45–5:15 pm

Using open source tools to secure containers and clouds with Derek Thurston (Booz Allen Hamilton)

Is your cloud secure? Is your cloud of containers secure? Security should be built-in from Day Zero, and not layered in as an afterthought. What open source tools are out there now to help you in your quest to not be on the front page of the news? How are all of the latest hacks happening, and how can we put tools in place to prevent these from happening again? Read more


Wednesday, July 22nd

10:40–11:20 am

Docker in production: Reality, not hype with Bridget Kromhout (DramaFever)

At DramaFever, we’ve been running Docker in production since October 2013 (well before it even went 1.0). Cutting (maybe bleeding) edge? Sounds fun! But important technology stack decisions are not made by running a Markov text generator against the front page of Hacker News. So, why are we using Docker? Simply put, it makes our development more consistent and our deployment more repeatable.


In this talk, I will detail how DramaFever implemented Docker for our entire development pipeline from laptops to production. I’ll cover the pain points and failure scenarios we’ve encountered and how we’ve worked through them, and I’ll demonstrate the ways that Docker being open-source has helped us in our adoption. Read more


11:30 am–12:10 pm

Microservices. Microservices everywhere! with Jérôme Petazzoni (Docker)

Microservices architectures suggest the decomposition of large applications into many smaller processes, each of them developed, deployed, and maintained independently from the others. This decoupling has many advantages. A team can be fully responsible for a service, and pick the language, framework, and tools that are better suited for the job.

With microservices, deployments are no longer large, risky, or infrequent events. Deploying a single service is simpler, faster, and carries less risk, and can therefore become more frequent. This promotes continuous deployment practices, and yields much faster release cycles. Read more



2:30 pm–3:10 pm

Open community for container technology: What does this mean for us? with Yujie Du (Huawei)

Why do we need an open source way when an emerging technology hits the world’s largest market, China? Huawei has been working in container technology for some time. In this session we will touch on not only the container core, but also the surrounding ecosystems, such as Docker/CoreOS/LXC, and Appc/runC, and introduce how Huawei and developers/users in China see these disruptions. Read more


Thursday, July 23rd

4:10–4:50 pm

Using Docker to simplify distributed systems development with John Hugg (VoltDB)

Setting up environments, starting processes, and monitoring processes on multiple machines is painful and error prone, even with tools like tmux. When setting up a distributed development environment, a lot of things can go wrong; for example, stale settings left from previous tests, incorrect configuration on some machines, executing the wrong command on some portion of the machines, using local file systems when you need them to be shared, or file collision on shared file systems when you need them to be separate. The are lots of opportunities for mistakes that slow down progress and sap the fun from programming.

This session is designed for developers tasked with building distributed systems. I will explore how using Docker to isolate processes in a clustered environment simplifies distributed system development and debugging processes. Read more


6:00–9:00 pm

Docker Meetup #8 at New Relic

Gear up for our next meetup at New Relic! We nabbed Docker‘s Jérôme Petazzoni and Digital Insight‘s Kenny Bastani to present. Read more and RSVP!

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Victor Coisne

Your Docker Agenda for OSCON

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