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Thank You SysAdmins!

With SysAdmin Day coming up on Friday, July 31st, now is a great time to thank our SysAdmins for everything they do! Without them, who knows what we would do when a server is down.


For setting up servers, monitoring for stability, setting up software and keeping backups in case anything goes wrong, we thank you.

For installing routers, configuring networks and setting up firewalls, we thank you.

For ensuring our internet connections are safe, secure. open and working, we thank you.

For worrying about spam, viruses, spyware, as well as power outages, fires and floods so we don’t have to, we thank you.

And for waking up at 3 am when the server goes down and fixing it before we notice the outage, we thank you.

In honor of SysAdmin Day, we want to honor the SysAdmins who help keep things running everyday:

SysAdmins, we invite you to submit your war stories. These can be funny, scary and/or informative. Maybe using Docker saved the day or you wish you were using Docker to solve that crisis? Or maybe there’s a cool hack you did with Docker? We will highlight our favorite submissions right here on the Docker blog.

Click here to submit your war story!

Will you be in San Francisco on Friday, July 31st? Join us as we celebrate SysAdmin Day at Docker HQ!



To help inspire you, here are some stories from our SysAdmins:

Aaron Vinson, Infrastructure Engineer at Docker

main-thumb-3340551-200-rO1TzBhmqHvw0T81Fucko93bVlGrq05OWay back in 2003 I was working as tech support for a Linux server company. I get a call early in the morning from two guys that sound terrified.

“We’re from [major company].com and we rebooted the server and now the screen is blank. Our site is down. What do we do?”

“You only have one server for your entire site?”


“Hmm OK.. well you should really think about getting a second one.”

“We will but can you help us now? We don’t know what to do.”

“Try opening the case, pop the battery out of the motherboard for a few seconds and replace it. Sometimes a corrupted CMOS can cause the symptom you’re having and that will fix it.”

A few minutes go by…

“Oh my god! That worked! We’re saved”.

It was just another day for me bringing servers back from the dead. All in a day’s work.



Brian Glogower, Infrastructure Engineer at Docker


Some software that my team runs inside of Docker includes HAProxy, Heka, Registrator, Cloudwatch-logs, Prometheus exporters, Openvpn, docker-proper (Docker image and container clean), and monitoring dashboards such as Kibana and Grafana.

Shortly after starting at Docker, I rebuilt all my personal servers, so I could run everything from containers. Before using Docker, I would have to deploy software using a package manager, i.e. apt and yum. If I wanted the latest versions, sometimes I would have to build my own packages. With Docker, most of the software that I use is already have repos on Docker Hub and if not, creating a Dockerfile takes only minutes. Most of the time, upgrading software is extremely trivial, taking seconds rather than minutes or hours, without fear of bricking my host’s OS.



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Victor Coisne

Thank You SysAdmins!

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