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Docker Online Meetup #22: Docker Networking

“We’ll do for Networking, what Docker did for Compute”

Building on top of his talk at DockerCon 2015Jana Radhakrishnan, Lead Software Engineer at Docker, does a deep dive into Docker Networking with additional demos and insights on the product roadmap.

Below is the recorded video and slides from Jana’s presentation on Docker Networking.





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Victor Coisne

Docker Online Meetup #22: Docker Networking

One Response to “Docker Online Meetup #22: Docker Networking”

  1. colin

    Hi Jana.
    first off – thanks for posting this youtube and slideshare.
    And especially thanks for the deep-dive description of the sandbox/network namespacing.
    You explaining how it is actually implemented in a namespace (which now has a separate lifecycle from a docker container)
    made it all understandeable for me.
    Could you post a public link to where we can find the bash script you used in the video please?

    Many thanks


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