Victor Coisne

DockerCon 2015 Videos: Day 2 of Use Case

More videos from the DockerCon 2015 conference are now available! Below are the recorded video and slides from the sessions on Day 2 in the Use Case track at DockerCon 2015.

We will publish the remaining videos this week on the blog – stay tuned for updates!


Speeding Up Development – Matthew Leventi, Engineer, Lyft


From Months to Minutes – How GE Brings Docker Into the Enterprise – Thomas Barber, Cloud Computing Technologist and Brett Luckabaugh, Enterprise Software Architect


How to Build a Secure DevOps Environment for Government and Beyond – Nirmal Mehta, Senior Lead Technologist, Strategic Innovation Group, Booz Allen Hamilton


PayPal Goes Beyond CI to Production Scale PaaS with Docker – Ashish Hunnargikar, Software Engineer, PayPal and Mohit Soni, Software Engineer, PayPal



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Victor Coisne

DockerCon 2015 Videos: Day 2 of Use Case

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