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DockerCon 2015 Videos: Day 2 Closing Keynote – What’s Next for Docker?

Victor Coisne

In case you missed the livestream, this year’s DockerCon ended with quite a bang!

From Docker running on small Internet of Things (IoT) hardware (Raspberry Pi) to the biggest iron (IBM mainframes), DockerCon’s closing keynote gave everyone a sneak peak into what’s next for the Docker community. Today, we’re happy to share with you the video recording of the following demos:

  1. Docker on the Raspberry Pi by Dieter Reuter from Hypriot
  2. Docker on the mainframe by Steve Vander Wiel from IBM
  3. Docker live migration by Arnaud Porterie & Michael Crosby from Docker, Inc


After watching the video and reviewing the slides, check out our Hypriot/Raspberry Pi DockerCon Challenge for your chance to win a pass to and demo opportunity at DockerCon Europe 2015!



The Hypriot/Raspberry Pi DockerCon Challenge

Dieter Reuter from Hypriot in his keynote demo challenged the Docker community to beat his personal record of 500 Docker containers running on a Raspberry Pi 2 device.



The person who successfully manage to get the highest number of these Docker containers to run concurrently on a Raspberry Pi 2 will be awarded a DockerCon Europe ticket and a speaking / demo slot during the conference.




  1. Use a single Raspberry Pi 2 with a HypriotOS release (a Raspi 1 would work too, but you’ll have a big disadvantage with 512MByte only)
  2. Use Docker Engine to start the containers (see technical hint #3 below)
  3. Use the webserver container “hypriot/rpi-busybox-httpd” as a starting point – you can use whatever webserver you like, but you have to serve the static website with the same index.html + .jpg
  4. Challenge ends on Monday, October 19th, 2015 at 17:00 PDT – winner will be announced on Tuesday, October 20th


Technical Hints:

  1. Reduce the stack size used for starting Docker subprocesses (see /etc/init.d/docker)
  2. Optimize the httpd container in order to use less memory
  3. Optimize the Docker daemon itself (Participants must submit any changes made to docker engine with appropriate tests back to the docker project or must be independently reproducible with the stock docker engine release.) Optimizations must be general optimizations, useful outside of the scope of this specific benchmark.
  4. Ask Hypriot for help, they’ll offer new hints and tips publicly through comments on the blog and Twitter


Here is a short list of resources to get you started with Docker and Hypriot on Raspberry Pi:


Happy hacking and hope to see you at DockerCon Europe 2015!



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