John Willis

Docker Tutorial 13 – Getting Started with the New Experimental Docker Networking

John Willis

This is a casual Docker tutorial series. We will start out first with very simple sessions on how to install and use the docker run command. In future videos we will hit more advanced topics.

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This latest video gives an introductory overview of the new Docker networking model called Libnetwork. We will show how to install and use VXLAN multi-host networking with Docker.

Here are the gistfile commands used in this video:
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John Willis



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2 thoughts on “Docker Tutorial 13 – Getting Started with the New Experimental Docker Networking

  1. Hi John

    Thanks for your tutorial. I have just worked through and seen it working for myself.

    One thing puzzles me a little bit, though.

    The ping by ip address looks OK. But the ping by service name is pinging a localhost address, specifically, regardless of service name and the ping times are suspiciously shorter than for the bridge. I see the same on your video. Mine is against: “Docker version 1.8.0-dev, build 8c7cd78, experimental”

    Am I right and that service name is not being resolved to the right IP address?

    Thanks again

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