Michael Chiang

Kitematic for Windows Alpha Now Available!

Michael Chiang

Soon to be the fastest and easiest way to run Docker containers on your Windows PC

Today is an exciting day for those who love Windows and want to be part of the Docker community! The Kitematic for Windows alpha program is now available – sign up here for access now!

Kitematic for Windows provides the same great user experience and capabilities as Kitematic for Mac but with support for the Windows features you love, like PowerShell. Seamlessly install Docker on your PC in minutes, pull images from Docker Hub and run containers on your PC.





Sign up for the Kitematic Alpha program today!

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Kitematic Team


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6 thoughts on “Kitematic for Windows Alpha Now Available!

  1. The signup link goes to a SurveyMonkey page and then nothing. No access to the signup for access page?

  2. Same issue for me.

  3. Same here…

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