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Get Ready for the DockerCon 2015 Conference Party

We held off this long but couldn’t wait any longer to tell you about one of our favorite parts of DockerCon 2015: the official DockerCon conference party!


This year’s conference party will be held at The Exploratorium at Pier 15 starting at 7 pm on Monday, June 22 (wrapping up the first day of the conference).


“The Exploratorium isn’t just a museum; it’s an ongoing exploration of science, art and human perception”

With tons of exhibits on human behavior to tinkering to seeing and listening and human systems, the Exploratorium will be an awesome space to learn and mingle with fellow attendees.



Intel, the official sponsor of the DockerCon conference party, will bring in exhibits demonstrating awesome creations people are making using Intel. Intel creates breakthrough technologies that make amazing experiences possible.  As the world’s leading silicon provider and top contributor to the Linux kernel, Intel continually advances how people work and live. For over two decades, Intel’s contributions to open-source, from deeply embedded products to complex datacenters, have helped amazing experiences come to life.



Datadog will be sponsoring the bar at the DockerCon conference party. For those who don’t know, Datadog is a monitoring service for scaling cloud infrastructures that bridge together data from containers, servers, databases, apps and other tools. Datadog provides Dev and Ops teams with insights from their cloud environments that keep applications running smoothly. By sponsoring the bar at our DockerCon conference party, they will make sure the beer taps are also pouring smoothly.



Speaking of taps, we have tapped into the community for party entertainment! We are stoked to have Charlemagne, aka Charles Vickery from Sourcegraph, as our official DJ. Sourcegraph is a large-scale, multi-language code search engine that indexes hundreds of thousands of open-source repositories. Sourcegraph lets developers: Search for functions, types, and other definitions across all open-source code on the web to find usage examples and instant documentation. Check out the Docker repository on Sourcegraph.



And you won’t want to miss out on special guest band Gemanon who will be preforming a live set of classic video game covers from your favorite games!

See you at the Exploratorium!


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Victor Coisne

Get Ready for the DockerCon 2015 Conference Party

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