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Docker: Ready for Production

Scott Johnston

DockerCon Day 1 was filled with several exciting announcements, including the Open Container Project, Docker Network, Docker Platform 1.7, and container runtime runC.  DockerCon Day 2 builds on this, with an emphasis on the solutions that we are building on that complement the tools discussed yesterday.

Happy Birthday, Docker Hub!

First up: Docker Hub. Launched at last year’s DockerCon San Francisco, Docker Hub has grown to more than 240,000 users and served more than 500 million pulls of Docker images. Docker Hub is the home of community contributed images, private image repos and Official Repos – curated and maintained images of popular software packages. Official repos have been extremely popular with the user community, representing roughly one out of every eight pulls.

dh official repos


In addition to a centralized place for Docker image publishing and discovery, Docker Hub has also become central to many organizations’ build-test pipelines.

dh build and ship

On stage at DockerCon this morning Chris Buckley, Director of DevOps for Business Insider, the #1 online business news site attracting 4.7 million monthly users, will share how they use Docker Engine and Docker Hub to speed-up delivery of apps from developers’ desktops all the way through to production.

dh chris buckley

Your feedback about Docker Hub over these last 12 months and we have been busy taking action, first and foremost focused on the quality of the user experience.  First, we completely re-architected the stack, transitioning to the v2 open source registry, and optimizing the backend to result in faster pulls, higher availability, improved security, and a smoother overall user experience.


Interested in taking the new Docker Hub out for a spin?  Try the Beta at  (And please share your feedback at!)

Welcome, Docker Trusted Registry!

Your feedback on Docker Hub was also a great source of ideas for new solutions.  While many of you loved the capabilities of Docker Hub, due to regulatory or security requirements there were many requests for an on-premises, commercial registry.

Unveiled as alpha in December, private Beta in February, and early access in April, today at DockerCon SF we’re pleased to announce the general availability of the Docker Trusted Registry (DTR).  Featuring an on-premises registry server with single-click deploy and upgrade, integration with LDAP and Active Directory, role-based access control (RBAC), and audit and events logging, DTR is the cornerstone for IT teams to store and share Docker images.

The DTR early access program attracted a lot of interest, with over 800 requests.  At DockerCon SF many are sharing their stories, including Booz Allen/U.S. General Services Administration, Capital One, Disney, and GE Appliances.

Flexible Solutions for Every User

When asked, “What capabilities do you need in order to use Docker in production?” the most frequent response was, “Support.”  To give you the flexibility in choosing deployment models and support levels our commercial solutions bundle together the following:

  • Docker Engines.  Certified against production operating systems and supported for 12 months after release, including patches and hotfixes;
  • Image Registries.  Users can select either the Docker Trusted Registry for a private, on-premises registry solution or private repositories in Docker Hub Registry for the convenience of SaaS;
  • Commercial Support.  Commercial support gives users direct access to Docker experts to help them troubleshoot any challenges they might have.  Users can select the support level appropriate for their application use case, from email-only to 24×7 phone.

These commercial solutions are available as free trials as well as subscriptions that start at $150 per month.  To learn more visit

Available Through the Ecosystem

We want you to not only have choice in deployment style but also in your choice of provider for Docker based solutions. The commercial Docker solutions are available to direct purchase or download from a number of our go-to-market partners.  Specifically, commercial solutions that include the Docker Trusted Registry are available from both the AWS Marketplace and the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.  In addition, today we’re pleased to announce IBM as Docker’s first reseller partner of these commercial solutions, including world-class support directly from IBM.

The availability of these solutions and go-to-market ecosystem partners together with early success stories from the user community underscore Docker’s readiness for production.  The product news and user stories from this week’s DockerCon just scratch the surface and we look forward to sharing more throughout the year.


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