Your Docker Agenda in June

Even though the upcoming DockerCon 2015 conference is sold out, there are plenty of great events in Docker communities near you to attend!

From meetup presentations to conference talks to Official Docker Training Courses, check out our list of the events coming up in June:



Official Docker Training Course

This is two-day, on-site or classroom-based training course which introduces you to the Docker platform and takes you through installing, integrating, and running it in your working environment. By the end of the course you will be familiar with the “why” of Docker. You will also be able to perform the basic tasks needed to get started with Docker and integrate it into your working environment.

Jun 15-16: Official Docker Training with Zenika – Lyon, France

Jun 18-19: Official Docker Training with Zenika – Nantes, France

Jun 18-19: Official Docker Training with Xebia – Hilversum, Netherlands

Jun 24-25: Official Docker Training with Zenika  – Paris, France

Jun 25-26: Official Docker Training with Zenika – Rennes, France



June 8th: Docker Online Meetup  with John Willis – Online

Just getting started with Docker? In this session, we’ll get you up and running. John Willis will cover the basics of using Docker containers for packaging and deploying applications


North & South America

Jun 4th: Docker Meetup at Rackspace – Austin, TX

Join us and learn:

  • ​How to design a set of application services using Docker Compose
  • ​Using Rancher networking and service discovery to connect services
  • Scaling and load balancing services, and defining health checks
  • Failure handling, service resilience and high availability
  • How to upgrade and roll back services


Jun 4th: Docker Meetup at Akamai Technologies – Boston, MA

Deep dive into Docker storage drivers by Jérôme Petazzoni


Jun 8th: Docker Meetup at Projective Space – New York, NY

Darren Shepherd will be giving a talk about  Running Docker on a software defined infrastructure platform and Jérôme Petazzoni will be presenting Deep dive into Docker storage drivers


Jun 8th-9th: Docker Workshop at QCON NYC – New York, NY

Jérôme Petazzoni will be introducing the following topics:

  • Introduction to Docker and containers
  • Advanced Docker concepts and container orchestration


Jun 10th: Docker Meetup at TOTVS – Sao Paulo, Brazil

Join us and learn about Docker Orchestration, Swarm and Machine. Presentation by Roberto Hashioka


Jun 17th: Docker Meetup at The Innevation Center – Las Vegas, NV

Join us to expand the Knowledge Base about Docker.


Jun 20th-21st: DockerCon 2015 Hackathon – San Francisco, CA

Let’s hack!

Docker is organizing a 24 hour hackathon during the weekend before DockerCon US 2015. The prize for the winners is a ticket for DockerCon and a chance to present their project during the conference. As a Team of 1 to 3 hackers you will hack on a project using Docker as the central piece. You will have exactly 24 hours to complete this project. These 24 hours include the time to create all materials needed for your presentation.


Jun 22nd-23rd: DockerCon 2015 – San Francisco, CA

DockerCon 2015 is a two-day, multi-track conference organized by Docker, Inc. The conference will feature topics and content covering all aspects of Docker and the surrounding ecosystem and will be suitable for Developers, DevOps, Systems Administration and C-level executives.


Jun 25th: Docker Meetup at Medallia – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Please join the group to stayed tuned about the upcoming meetup.




Jun 4th: Docker Meetup at Transformatorhuis – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Diogo Mónica – Head of Security at Docker will be giving a talk about Securing your application using Docker


Jun 8th: Docker Meetup at EPSI – Grenoble, France

Docker Swarm demo by Manuel Vacelet and Damien Duportal


Jun 11th: Docker Meetup at The Cube Athens – Athens, Greece

This Docker meetup will be all about monitoring Docker containers, Docker host machines and even more!


Jun 17th: Docker Meetup at EUPTOUYOU – Nantes, Frances

There will be Docker introduction, Kitematic tutorial and presentation about Swarm at this meetup.


Jun 17th: Docker Meetup at Haufe-Lexware – Freiburg, Germany

Come and learn about Continuous Delivery of Cloud Applications with Docker on IBM Bluemix presented by Florian Georg


Jun 18th: Docker Meetup at SUSE Linux – Nurnberg, Germany

SUSE, our sponsor and host for the day,  will present us the work done on Docker so far and share some exciting news on their future plans.


Jun 24th: Docker Meetup at Capensis – Lille, France

We will have an open discussion at this meetup. Shall you have any questions or something to share please don’t hesitate to raise your hand.


Asia and Australia

Jun 4th: Docker Meetup at Hatena – Tokyo, Japan

Steve Francia (Chief of Operations, Open Source, Docker Inc) will visit Tokyo this week. We’d have some lightning talks for Go or Docker topics. Let’s get together! The lightning talks time is open for everyone.


Jun 6th: Docker Meetup at Docker Beijing – Beijing, China

Come and join us for a nationwide hackathon of Golang community and Docker community in China. We are recruiting 10 teams or more to engage. The hackathon contains two themes:  App Hack and Docker Hack.

  • App Hack: Your coding language is Golang, and you must either use Docker to deploy or hack Docker.

  • Docker Hack: Chinese Docker committers will team up and fix bugs, patches, etc.


Jun 13th: Docker Meetup at Docker Xian – Xian, China

The first ever Docker Xian meetup will include the following presentations:

  • Introduction to Docker Swarm
  • Docker and how to change the software infrastructure
  • Continuous delivery


Jun 14th: Docker Meetup at Docker Ha Noi – Ha Noi, Vietnam

There will be “Practice: CI/CD with Docker” topic covered at this event.


Jun 16th: Docker Meetup at Anchor – Sydney, Australia

Please join us for monthly Docker Sydney meetup. We will be posting up details of the June Docker gig very shortly, including follow up from last month’s charitable appeal for Stephen’s nephew Jamie.


Jun 18th: Docker Meetup at TeleForge – South Africa, Johannesburg

What is Docker and who is using it? What are they using it for? This meet will introduce you to the concepts around Docker and those in the local industry that are or want to use it.


Jun 24th: Docker Meetup at Docker KL – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Join us for the first ever Kuala Lumpur meetup! We are going to have short presentation/introduction about fundamental of Docker and how we can use it, following by networking/chit chat session with pizzas and drinks.




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Your Docker Agenda in June

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