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Wrap-Up: Day 2 of DockerCon 2015

Victor Coisne

DockerCon 2015 ended yesterday and we’re already missing the energy that was in the air during the conference. Once again, we’d like to thank the over 2100 attendees, 50 speakers and 70+ sponsors who contributed to make this 3rd DockerCon a success. The conference was a fantastic opportunity to learn from members of the worldwide Docker community and hear firsthand the latest Docker news.

Below are some of our favorite stories from Day 2 of DockerCon 2015:


Docker: Ready for Production

DockerCon Day 1 was filled with several exciting announcements, including the Open Container Project, Docker Network, Docker Platform 1.7, and container runtime runC.  DockerCon Day 2 builds on this, with an emphasis on the solutions that we are building on that complement the tools discussed yesterday, including the GA of the new Docker Hub beta and Docker Trusted Registry.

Announcing DockerCon 2015 Europe

Today at DockerCon 2015, we are very happy to announce DockerCon Europe 2015, the second official Docker conference in Europe. The conference will take place in Barcelona, at CCIB on November 16th and 17th. Register now for an Alpha Whale Pass before we sell out!  



[VENTURE BEAT] Docker Launches Commercial Support, Starting At $150/Month

Docker today announced the general availability of its commercial solutions for businesses that want to use its container management software. Docker’s commercial solution will be available through Docker itself, but also from Amazon Web Services, IBM and Microsoft, starting at a relatively modest price of $150 per month.

[THE NEW STACK] Docker Trusted Registry Goes On-Prem, Promises Better Security

Docker on Tuesday announced general availability of its Docker Trusted Registry (DTR), which offers an option for an on-premises registry for Docker container images.

A beta program launched in February attracted more than 800 organizations, more than half of them from the Fortune 500, offering valuable feedback to the registry, according to the company.

[THE VAR GUY] Monetizing the Docker Distruption

It’s clear Docker containers have emerged as one of the most disruptive IT forces to come down the pike in quite a while, with the potential to transform almost every aspect of the data center. What’s less clear, however, is how Docker and its partners will make money.

[VENTURE BEAT] Everything announced at DockerCon 2015

Docker, the startup responsible for accelerating the container technology revolution, is making several announcements at its DockerCon conference in San Francisco this week — and several other companies are taking the event as opportunity to make announcements, too.

[WALL STREET JOURNAL] ‘Container’ Software Is at Center of DockerCon

The hottest technology in Silicon Valley isn’t from Uber Technologies Inc. or Instagram. It is from a startup called Docker Inc. that is charming the coders behind the world’s websites and apps.

[EWEEK] Docker Rivals Join Together in Open Container Effort

The open-source container community is uniting today with the new Open Container Project (OCP), which is backed by the Linux Foundation. The OCP ends months of speculation and debate in the Docker community about container specifications and unite the biggest backers of containers behind a common purpose.

[INFOWORLD] Docker donates container specs for OPC open standard

The Open Container Project (OCP), a coalition of  more than 20 companies with a stake in the application-containerization game, is setting up shop under the stewardship of the Linux Foundation to create a common body of standards for software containers.

[TECHCRUNCH] Docker, CoreOS, Google, Microsoft, Amazon And Others Come Together To Develop Common Container Standard

Docker, CoreOS, Google, Microsoft and Amazon are now working on a new standard for software containers with the help of the Linux Foundation. Other members of this coalition include Apcera, Cisco, EMC, Fujitsu Limited, Goldman Sachs, HP, Huawei, IBM, Intel, Joyent, Mesosphere, Pivotal, Rancher Labs, Red Hat and VMware — that is, virtually everybody who has a stake in building a thriving container ecosystem.

[THE REGISTER] Inside the Open Container Project: Docker sings kumbaya

For a while, it looked as though software containers were heading for the kind of standards squabble that has plagued the tech industry too often in its history.

[MICROSOFT] Docker and Microsoft announce more innovation to cross platforms and win hearts

I can’t believe it was only one year ago, at DockerCon, that we announced the first step in our partnership with Docker. While we didn’t quite know it at the time (despite the blog title), this marked a pivotal moment in our evolution.

Since then, in partnership with Docker, we have been working on a broad set of innovations that further empower you to build and run the next great app. This list includes Windows Server Containers, Hyper-V Containers, Docker VM Extensions for Linux on Azure, Docker CLI support on Windows, Compose and Swarm support on Azure, Visual Studio Tooling for Docker, and more. Today as we join more than 2000 attendees at DockerCon North America, we are excited to be taking the next step in our partnership.





Learn More about the Docker News from DockerCon 2015

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