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Online meetup recap: A new model for image distribution

Jacqueline Lum



Continuing our Docker Online meetup series centered on the Docker 1.6 release, we are pleased to share the video recording from Tuesday’s webinar with Stephen Day, distribution tech lead at Docker. In this session, Stephen first gives a little history around the first version of the Docker Registry API V1 before introducing the design of Docker Registry HTTP API V2 and implementation of Registry 2.0. Stephen ends the talk with a preview of the future of Docker image distribution. Check out the video recording and the slides below for more details!



Registry 2.0 has been completely rewritten in Go around our new distribution APIs, allowing better code sharing with the main Docker project.

Here is a brief overview of the cool new features:

  • Webhook notifications: You can now configure the Registry to send Webhooks when images are pushed. Spin off a CI build, send a notification to IRC – whatever you want!
  • Native TLS support: It’s now really easy to set up your Registry so the Docker Engine can communicate with it securely.
  • And loads more!

Head over to the the Registry documentation for details.

The new Registry and APIs open up new possibilities for images in Docker – such as image signing, new ways of distributing images, and much more. If you’d like to give us some input, get involved in designs, or even write some code, head over to the GitHub repository for Registry.

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