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Announcing the 3rd Batch of DockerCon 2015 Speakers

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Today, we’re excited to share with you the 3rd batch of speakers selected by the DockerCon Community Review Committee. We feel extremely fortunate to have such an amazing and diverse speaker lineup. From Docker use cases to DevOps culture talks and deep technical dives into the Docker ecosystem, there will be awesome content for everyone!

In case you missed the it, we’ve already announced many DockerCon speakers in the following tracks:

  1. Advanced Technical
  2. Culture
  3. Uses Cases

Hurry up and register know before it’s too late!

Advanced Technical Track


Brian-ScottBrian Scott – Manager Systems Engineering

The Walt Disney Company




patrick-oconnorPatrick O’Connor – Sr. Systems Engineer

The Walt Disney Company




Scaling New Services: From Container Creation to Automated Deployment

To plan for bursts when new products/platforms launch, Disney’s Systems Engineering team leverages Docker, Mesos, Chef, Consul and HAProxy for automatically wiring new container deployments for data collection. This session looks at how to create, scale and automate containers across multiple hosts using open source tools for automated deployments and dynamic scaling of our services. In this live demo, we will commit a new application release, demo the automated Docker build/tag/push, trigger a deployment, scale the services up across multiple hosts, and then test to ensure that the new containers are correctly represented in the load balancer.


brian-cantrillBryan Cantrill – CTO





Running Aground: Debugging Docker in Production

The inevitability of Docker as the mainstream means of delivering apps to the cloud raises one final question to both developers and operators alike: how do we debug all this? Those challenges have multiplied with the rise of microservices: while distributed systems can be highly resilient to certain kinds of failure, they’re exposed to new failure modes. In this talk, we will describe the debugging techniques we have employed, and like any good talk on debugging, this one will be laden with real stories from the trenches and how those painful experiences resulted in better tools and better methodologies.


simon-sirupsenSimon Eskildsen – Infrastructure Engineer





Routing and Discovery 

In a deployment like ours with more than 2000 containers it becomes critical for containers to announce themselves to routers and other components for discovery. Service discovery isn’t just setting up a three node Zookeeper/etcd cluster and calling it a day: rogue clients can corrupt or destroy the directory, the cluster can crash or become unresponsive causing the infrastructure to panic or hang, and what if containers fail or become slow? With that in place, how do we build a service discovery aware routing tier to handle zero downtime deploys and taking nodes out of rotation? This talk covers the technologies and patterns for success to engineer a service discovery and routing system to withstand the hard test of production.


Culture Track


Mukta-AphaleMukta Aphale – DevOps Architect

iHealth Technologies




MomOps in DevOps
Some can deliver code while some can deliver humans. But there are very few who can deliver both! Let’s accept that being a mother in the technology world is not an easy game. The speaker, a DevOps Architect, wants to talk about how you can manage a wonderful motherhood with an awesome career. She is a mother of two and is but an ordinary woman who has been able to manage being both: MomOps and DevOps! She wants to encourage more women to pursue their passion for technology even after having kids.


Uses Cases Track


TomAndBrettBrett Luckabaugh – Enterprise Software Architect Thomas Barber – Cloud Computing Technologist

General Electric




From Months to Minutes – How GE Brings Docker Into the Enterprise

In a traditional enterprise IT shop, it’s common to find a plethora of aging technologies. From COBOL running on mainframes, to huge Java applications spread across both physical and virtual hardware, the enterprise can sometimes resemble a living museum of IT. For application owners, bureaucracy, lack of business priority, and complex infrastructure can slow innovation, and make it difficult to stay current.

At GE, we leveraged Docker/Mesos to create an internal application platform that brings speed, simplicity, and cutting edge deployment processes to our enterprise, empowering developers to go from concept to production in minutes, rather than months.


906408_10152714972150058_1968008527_oMatthew Leventi – Software Engineer





Speeding up Development

Learn how Docker enables Lyft to increase developer productivity across our engineering organization. We’ll go through a local development model that decreases our developer onboard time, and keeps our teams focused on delivering product goals. We’ll also talk about how we use Docker to test changes to our servers and allow QA testing of our mobile clients. You’ll come out of the talk with techniques and reasons for integrating docker not just in the cloud but also onto developer’s laptops.


Nirmal-MehtaNirmal Mehta, Senior Lead Technologist

Strategic Innovation Group




How to Build a Secure DevOps Environment for the Government

The General Services Administration (GSA) is driving IT innovation through their Cloud First and Open Source First policies. Booz Allen is supporting the GSA Integrated Award Environment (IAE) Common Services program to implement these tenets. IAE currently supports several large public facing applications, which manage the government-wide systems for those who award, administer, or receive Federal financial assistance contracts, and intergovernmental transactions. To create a unified developer experience and provide Platform as a Service (PaaS) support, the GSA is leveraging several open source projects including Docker, Chef and Jenkins on AWS to support the consolidation of 10 legacy applications onto a single public cloud platform.

In this discussion, we will review the lessons learned from this large undertaking and featuring a demonstration using Check, Consul, Docker (including Swarm and Machine), GitHub Enterprise, Interlock and Jenkins to create a production-ready and secure Common Services Platform following the best DevOps patterns.

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– The DockerCon Team

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Victor Coisne

Announcing the 3rd Batch of DockerCon 2015 Speakers

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