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Adrian Cockcroft to Speak @ DockerCon 2015

Victor Coisne

adrian-cockcroftIn his keynote from DockerCon 2014 EU, Adrian Cockcroft (Technology Fellow at Battery Ventures and former Cloud Architect at Netflix) shares his thoughts on the future of microservices, summarizes the differences and commonalities across various microservices architectures and shows how they are evolving.

Adrian’s talk on the “State of the Art in Microservices” was one of the most popular talks from DockerCon 2014 EU with over 12,000 views on YouTube!

You do not want to miss out on hearing Adrian present his talk on “Faster, Cheaper and Safer: Secure Microservice Architectures using Docker” at DockerCon 2015.

Here is the abstract for his talk:

It’s clear that Docker speeds up development and makes testing and deployment more efficient. As Docker moves into production new use cases and patterns are emerging that address availability and security concerns. With microservices, safety is part of the architecture that developers need to understand and build for. It’s no longer good enough to wrap a firewall around an entire app when it goes to production, and have a cold standby in case it breaks. This talk will explore concepts like consistency vs. availability, root of trust, attack surface and minimum privilege as they apply to docker based deployments.

Register now for DockerCon 2015 before it sells out like both 2014 conferences! More information on DockerCon 2015 including a list of other announced presenters is available at:

Below are the slides and a recorded video from Adrian’s keynote presentation on the “State of the Art in Microservices” at DockerCon 2014 EU.




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