Victor Coisne

5 Reasons Why You Should Attend DockerCon 2015

Victor Coisne

We have way more (and we’re sure you do too!), but here are our top five reasons to attend DockerCon 2015.


1. All-Star Lineup of Presenters

We secured an all-star lineup featuring:

  • Solomon Hykes, Founder and CTO of Docker
  • Matthew Leventi, System Engineer at Lyft
  • Eric Buth, Interactive News Developer at The New York Times
  • Diptanu Gon Choudhury, Distributed Systems and Infrastructure Engineer at Netflix
  • and many more! Click here for the complete lineup of speakers

Additional presentations feature speakers from Activision, CapitalOne, The Walt Disney Company, GE, Google, GrubHub, Joyent, Lyft, Netflix, Orbitz, Red Hat and Shopify.  Don’t miss the opportunity to learn how other developers, SysAdmins and DevOps are leveraging the tools available in the Docker Community to overcome engineering challenges along with tips and lessons learned.



2. Learn More at a Docker Tutorial

In addition to hearing how other people are using Docker, you’ll get the chance to get hands on at Docker Tutorials.  Whether you are new to Docker or looking for a refresher course, both days of the conference will feature tutorials by topic to help you pull your first image, build your first container, spin up a Swarm node or run your first Docker Compose-up.  Just bring your laptop and grab a seat!



3. Get Cool Stuff

DockerCon isn’t just any old conference, and this year’s swag is off-the-whale. Expect plenty of Moby and Molly Dock goodies in addition to limited edition items featuring Swarm, Compose and Machine.  We can’t give away too much about what we will have but we will have plenty to give away when you stop by the Docker booth.



4. Partners, Partners and Partners

The Docker community includes a vibrant ecosystem that includes partners with tools for every step of the application container lifecycle.  Explore capabilities that integrate to, extend, automate or host your Docker environment.



5. Meet the Docker Community

Join the thousands of others attending DockerCon to network, share and learn from each other about how best to deploy Docker, build tooling for Docker and use Docker to build and run some of the best apps around.



Don’t forget to also register for the DockerCon 2015 conference!


Stay Involved

We invite you to follow the official twitter account: @DockerCon and hashtag #dockercon in order to get the latest updates.


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