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Announcing the 4th Batch of DockerCon 2015 Speakers

Victor Coisne

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Today, we’re excited to share with you the 4th batch of speakers selected by the DockerCon Community Review Committee. We feel extremely fortunate to have such an amazing and diverse speaker lineup. From Docker use cases to DevOps culture talks and deep technical dives into the Docker ecosystem, there will be awesome content for everyone!

In case you missed the it, we’ve already announced many DockerCon speakers in the following tracks:

  1. Advanced Technical
  2. Culture
  3. Uses Cases

Hurry up and register know before it’s too late!

Culture Track

Kwame Yamgnane – Co-Founder and Executive Director

School 42




GaetanJUVINGaetan Juvin – Software Engineer

School 42




How to create a new education in a digital world

In July 2013, Detroit, symbol of the US industrial era, dropped down to the most important bankruptcy in the US history, estimated at 20 Billion. The same year, Facebook market cap was 100 Billion. 42 is a school, which tries to give an answer to a wonderful challenge: How to move from an education created to give answers and labor to industries, to an education that will create people who are ready to be citizens of the digital world.


sharon-steedSharon Steed – Director of Business Development and Marketing

Speech IRL

How to talk to humans: a different approach to soft skills

Developers are trained to communicate to things with a goal in mind. When you’re talking to a computer, you type in your code and it responds by giving you back what you want. Simple and straight forward. When talking to people? Not always the case. Why? Because talking to people requires a special set of skills – namely, empathy and a little bit of storytelling. In an industry filled with brilliant minds, great ideas and mass disruption, so few of the best and brightest know how to tell their compelling story. This talk teaches you how.


Advanced Technical Track

65632026-a11a-4977-bd3a-3923d6b516d5Jessie Frazelle – Core Maintainer

Docker, Inc.




Container Hacks and Fun Images

Explore some of the more interesting things you can containerize on linux and windows. View first hand different workflows for how to run/build different apps in containers. I will cover desktop apps as well as some other apps you would have never thought could run in a container.  This talk will be a mind-opener for those experienced with Docker.


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Stay tuned for more announcements!


– The DockerCon Team

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