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VMware News and the Expanding Minimalist OS Ecosystem

The Docker community saw expanded capabilities introduced today from VMware who showed support for the open source ecosystem with the announcement of two ecosystem projects – Project Photon, a Linux container OS and Project Lightwave, a container identity and access management solution.


Since the announcement of our collaborative relationship in August of last year, VMware has worked closely with Docker and the Docker community to help ensure users’ ability to run and operationalize their Docker environments on their current virtual infrastructure while taking advantage of existing management, compliance, networking and security processes and tools. The work we did collaboratively on Docker Machine to provide drivers for VMware Fusion, vSphere and vCloud Air, made it easier for our joint customers to deploy and manage Docker hosts in private and hybrid cloud environments.

VMware’s latest announcement of its first minimalist operating system project highlights a trend we’ve seen in the community with the likes of CoreOS, Project Atomic and Snappy Ubuntu Core – all creating minimalist OSs designed to host Dockerized applications with a simplified underlying infrastructure. Microsoft also recently announced its own minimal footprint installation of Windows Server that is highly optimized for the cloud and ideal for containers called Nano Server.  Nano Server works with Microsoft’s Windows Server Containers and Hyper-V Containers, which will integrate with Docker technology.

We see VMWare’s announcement and other ecosystem announcements of this nature as being positive for the community because additional tools help to further liberate developers from the constraints of the infrastructure. We are excited to see innovation based on the Docker platform as it helps to dramatically improve the way developers and sysadmins build, ship and run applications. For the enterprise and the development community, this translates to 100% application portability and the freedom of choice for infrastructures.  An agile development lifecycle translates to a more agile company.

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David Messina

VMware News and the Expanding Minimalist OS Ecosystem

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  1. Ian

    Will I be able to connect to VMware Photon in my VMware fusion via docker-machine?

    • Fabio

      We’re working on integrating Photon and docker-machine, stay tuned!


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