Microsoft Demonstrates Docker in Build 2015 Keynote Address


Today Microsoft and Docker took the opportunity to talk about and demonstrate some of the progress we have been able to make together over the past 6 months.

This culminated in to showing for the first time at Microsoft Build the Docker Engine running successfully on Windows Server.

Like many companies just starting to work with Microsoft, we had some reservations about what we could ultimately accomplish together.

Here are the 5 surprises we have had in making this a reality

  1. Docker on Windows Server Not Just Linux
  2. Content and collaboration for developers
  3. Open orchestration for multi-container applications
  4. All about freedom of choice to mix and match to build the best distributed applications
  5. In just 6 months, real and it’s being demo’d today

In the Demo, Mark Russinovich showed the following

  • A .NET application being deployed to Windows Server using Docker
  • The same .NET application being pushed to a Linux Server running on Azure via Visual Studio
  • Remote attachment and debugging of the .NET application running inside of a Docker container from within Visual Studio

The demo is a great reflection of the freedom of choice to developers. Through one Docker UI and tooling both Linux and Windows developers will be able to collaborate together to build a new generation of distributed applications that will include the best content regardless of OS  and independent of infrastructure.

And the last thing Mark Russinovich was showing on stage — a Docker t-shirt.  For those of you at Build 2015, come find us in the Partner Pavillion to get one of your own!

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5 thoughts on “Microsoft Demonstrates Docker in Build 2015 Keynote Address

  1. Can we get some technical details on this?

  2. I dont understand why docker needs to run on Windows. I think its that is could be done. But why would anyone want to run docker on windows. My main focus is to reduce cost and resources. Also like the .net container Idea even if I don’t use it. May be missed the point

    • It is not about reducing costs. You can run .NET containers on linux/linux containers in Mono. But if you want to keep running your apps on Windows but benefit from componentization and streamlined deployment, now you have a chance. You don’t have to roll out numerous VMs (which are pretty expensive) just run containers with all their benefits (smaller footprint)

  3. I like many of Microsoft’s products. And also performing well

  4. Awesome, One of the best Microsoft Keynotes. Lots of exciting developer opportunities and determined goals.

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