Victor Coisne

Online Meetup: Docker Engine 1.6: labels, logging, builder, and more

Victor Coisne

In case you missed it, Docker 1.6 has been released last week and we announced major updates to Docker Engine, Registry, Compose, Swarm, and Machine. We released all these projects at the same time so you can test and roll them out together, and so that we can ship features that span multiple tools.



Due to popular demand, we also announced a series of Docker online meetups covering the updates included in the release of each of these projects.

In this first installment of the series which took place yesterday, Tibor Vass (core maintainer on Docker Engine) presented the new features from Docker Engine 1.6: labels, logging, builder, and more. We’re happy to share with you all the video recording from this Online Meetup / Webinar (for those of you who missed the livestream):


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2 thoughts on “Online Meetup: Docker Engine 1.6: labels, logging, builder, and more

  1. Michael Herman

    As far as best practices for logging, do you recommend logging within each container or creating a separate, logging-only container?

  2. A HQ video upload would be nice for the upcoming Docker Online Meetups..

    Also very powerful sets of features in this release – awesome runthrough Tibor, but could have used some introductory sections with a few slides before beginning a new subject.

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