Victor Coisne

Videos from the biggest docker meetup ever: Clocker, Storage Drivers, Docker on the Desktop, Powerstrip

Victor Coisne

About three weeks ago, the Docker London user group hosted one of, if not THE biggest Docker meetup EVER since the release of Docker as open source two years ago. With about 300 attendees in the room and an amazing speakers lineup composed of some of the most knowledgeable Docker users, the Docker London community was fortunate enough to host what we could call a small conference.

Today, we’re really happy to share the video recordings of these sessions with the rest of the Docker community.

Terry Dhariwal – Running distributed NoSQL on Clocker  



Jérôme Petazzoni – Deep dive into Docker storage drivers


Jessie Frazelle – Docker on the Desktop



Unfortunately, the sound recording did not work for Jessie’s talk but you can check out her blog post: Docker containers on the desktop for the details.


Luke Marsden and Ilya Dmitrichenko – Powerstrip



Big thanks and shout out to our sponsors (below) as well as the Docker London user group organizers for making this meetup happen.

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