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Iain Gray: What I’ll Be Doing At Docker as VP of Customer Success


I’m incredibly excited to be joining Docker as senior vice president of Customer Success and to build upon my experience of helping enterprise customers develop business solutions based upon open source technology.

I joined Red Hat as it brought open source to the enterprise for the first time. We helped Fortune 100 customers build true mission-critical Linux operating environments that replaced legacy, proprietary systems. These early adopter customers looked to Red Hat both as a trusted service and support provider, as well as their advocate within the open source community, championing upstream innovation on their behalf.

The context for Docker today is similar; the use of the Docker platform is increasing rapidly and we have the opportunity to provide expert services that will accelerate customer adoption. However, Docker is more than a disruptive technology, it is transforming how enterprises approach the development, shipping and operation of distributed  applications. Therefore as well as technology-focused services, we can help our customers transform their approach to application development and accelerate the shift from a monolithic application architecture to a loosely coupled/microservices approach.

Ensuring the success of our customers means enabling them to be self-sufficient with the Docker platform as quickly as possible, while serving as the go-to source of subject matter expertise throughout the customer’s implementation lifecycle.

Customer self-sufficiency starts early in the adoption cycle with effective technology-focused education. Customer enablement through education should be practical, hands-on and ideally self-paced and self-directed. The best training content is developed and delivered by practitioners; those that have experience in the field of applying the technology and can provide insights beyond the course materials. Excellent service at this stage provides a solid foundation for customer success.

For transformative technologies such as Docker, customers want access to experienced solution architects: deep product experts that can guide them technically, while enriching that work with the experience of how other customers have applied the technology to solve real problems in their application development lifecycle. Engaging solution architects during the proof-of-concept and pilot phases of the customer lifecycle accelerates the technology transformation.

To support enterprise deployment, customers need mission-critical technical support: that facilitates self-help; support that’s proactive–anticipating customer issues before the impact is felt; and support that is highly reactive when needed–if the customer hits an unexpected roadblock, knowledgeable, responsive support engineers are accessible 24*7/365.

As we move forward over the next few weeks and months, I’ll be focusing on these facets of service to ensure our customers can enjoy amazing success. I look forward to spending lots of time with our customers and to collaborating with the Docker team and the incredibly robust community that embodies the Docker Project.

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Iain Gray

Iain Gray: What I’ll Be Doing At Docker as VP of Customer Success

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